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Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess / Steve Horelick - InterSonic

Review by Gary Hill

This would land under progressive rock under just about any circumstance at MSJ because of the fact that it's a project by Jordan Rudess. That said, while this is not rock music, it is progressive. There is a lot of ambient, atmospheric sound here. At times this goes into dark territory that makes me think of Nox Arcana. This instrumental set has a good amount of variety, and really does create some intriguing soundscapes. This might not be exactly what you would expect from Rudess, but those paying attention will release that he's always been one to do the unexpected. Please note that I've catalogued this under "Jordan Rudess" to try to keep the archives from going crazy with so many artists.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 1 at

Track by Track Review
Child Mind
Coming in quite atmospheric and growing out very gradually, this is ambient and quite pretty. The piano eventually rises up bringing it perhaps closer to a jazz kind of territory, but the opening segment here qualifies as New Age music. This gets lush and rather soaring as it continues. It eventually drops downward again to end.

Coming in with an electronic space rock energy, this is quite cool. As it continues to develop it makes me think of something from Synergy or Tangerine Dream. Yet it has hints of Vangelis and even Tomita. The piece continues to shift and change as it works onward.

Quantum Fuzz

I love the pretty piano on this number. That piano goes in different directions as this piece continues. There are some energized, jazzy moments. The thing is, they are delivered within a tapestry that's rather electronic and spacey in nature.


Trippy effects driven stuff opens this. It has an almost creepy element to it. This eventually rises upward, but retains that same sense of oddity. In some ways I'm reminded of Nox Arcana on this particular piece. Some cool synthesizer melodies emerge over the top of this later. It drops back to creepy ambience, and there are some bits of spoken voice, like sound-bites in the mix here and there.

Into Tranquility

Piano starts this slowly and rather tentatively. While there are electronic elements enhancing the arrangement, the piano is really the main factor on this piece.

Northern Lights

Weird effects type stuff opens this. Atmospheric elements rise up as it works forward. It works through some intriguing territory before making it back down to the effects based sounds to end.


Pretty piano melodies are at the heart of this piece.


Now, this is another that makes me think of Nox Arcana in some ways. Weird bleeps and blips drive the early parts. It works out towards space sounds from there. This is unsettling and a bit creepy.

Dreaming Aloud

Although this comes in very sedately, it is more melodic. The piano joins and creates some nice sonic tapestry.

Elias's Lullaby

Atmospheric and yet melodic, this is another that has a lot of New Age reference points within. I like the little blips that at times serve almost as percussion.

Beyond Time

Piano starts this.  As the cut grows it feels a bit like soundtrack music to a horror film to me. Again Nox Arcana is not a bad reference at times here.

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