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Jody Giachello

Milennial Kingdom Vol 2

Review by Gary Hill

In Music Street Journal we generally put fusion under the "progressive rock" category. Really the difference between jazz prog and fusion is where the boundary lands in terms of rock versus jazz tendencies. Besides, most prog fans dig fusion, so it's a good place for this kind of music. This instrumental set includes some killer fusion. It has some modern electronic tendencies, but more than not could have been released in the 1970s. If you like classic fusion, give this a try. You will probably feel at home here.

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Track by Track Review
Super Nova
While there are definitely modern elements at play here, overall this instrumental lands in the fusion territory. It has a real electronic vibe to it, though. Still, the 1970s fusion melodies and changes are the real driving force behind this piece.
While overall there is no big change, this is more firmly in the pure fusion zone - with much less electronic sound at play. There is some particularly powerful instrumental work on this killer cut. It gets very intense at times.
Har Megiddo (Armageddon)
The fast paced section that starts this definitely has some funk built into it. The track moves out from there with some cool textures over the top. More melodies emerge to drive the creation. There are some parts of this that feel like synthetic voices or vocoder stuff. There are some Middle-Eastern musical textures that show up further down the road, too.
A rocking kind of staccato section starts this number. It grows out from there in style. As this grows out beyond that it becomes one of the most effective pieces here. This is a killer cut with some great changes and powerful musical moments.
Triumph (Return Of The King)
There is almost a Vangelis type element to this. Don't get me wrong, though, this is still full on fusion. It just has some sounds that make me think of Vangelis. I think this might be my favorite track here. I just really love a lot of the melodic textures here. This gets pretty crazed at times as it makes its way forward.
Revelation (Millennial Kingdom)
Another killer fusion cut, this is a real rocker. It's packed with energy and smoking hot instrumental work. There are some interesting shifts and changes. Parts of this even make me think of Frank Zappa a bit.
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