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Strat Andriotis

Night Manager

Review by Gary Hill

I had thought about including this under progressive rock because of Jerry Goodman's inclusion here. The thing is, it's really mostly pure jazz - and not even fusion, really. That said, this is a powerful set. The guitar work is exceptional, and where Goodman's present, you know the violin will be great, too. This is a very fine example of the fact that there is still strong old-school jazz being created. My only complaint is that the set is a bit short, running just a little over half an hour. Still, there's something to be said for leaving the listener wanting more.

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Track by Track Review
Song 21
Acoustic guitar leads this out, and it works out to a killer jazz jam from there. I really love Goodman's violin work on this, but every bit of the track is effective. This works through a number of cool shifts and changes. It has some impressive piano work and some exceptional guitar playing. It all seems to dance around each other, challenging one another and working together to further the musical needs of the piece.

With a bit more of a rock element at play on the introduction, as this works out I can make out some world music sound. This is a powerful piece of music. Where the opener felt a bit more playful, this seems serious and dramatic. That said, there is still some fun to be had here. This definitely works into more rocking territory, too.

Chili's Blues
I dig the guitar work on this cool jazz tune. The violin brings some serious magic to it, too.
Can't Wait
World music, jazz and more merge on this killer tune. It's energetic and rather fun.
A mellower and intricate acoustic guitar section starts this number. It works out from there into some jazzier world music influenced sounds.
Fever Pitch
Killer acoustic guitar based jazz is the order of business on this one. I love the guitar work here. It's inspired and impressive. There is some killer violin work later in this number, too.
The Arrival
I love the violin that's at the heart of a lot of the first part of this piece. The number is so classy and evocative. While the violin was at the core of the first part, the guitar really shines brightly on the next movement. Then it's back to a focus on Goodman's violin.
I Hear a Rhapsody
A mellower number, this has some classic jazz stylings at its heart. This gets a lot more involved and powerful as it moves forward and is a real guitar showcase.
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