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American High

U.N. Article 14

Review by Gary Hill
These guys clearly play alternative rock, but there is a lot more going on than that title reveals. For one thing, there is plenty of pop music and particularly 60s styled pop rock here. There is often a punk edge to the set, too. This has great hooks and is versatile and dynamic. Most importantly, though, it's fun.

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Track by Track Review
Fairfield, Ca
Acoustic guitar leads this track out of the gate. The number feels like a very 1960s based rocker as it kicks into gear. This has a lot of Tom Petty in it along with the garage band sound of the 60s. Of course, there was a healthy helping of that sound in Petty's musical playground.
Second Sister
There is a definite punk rock edge to this. It's electrified, hard rocking and very tasty. The thing is, it still has plenty of that 1960s pop rock vibe built into it, too. This is good fun.
Cheye Calvo
A punky rock and roll groove is on the menu here. In fact, I'd consider this to fit well within the punk pop school of music. It's fun and has some reggae in the mix.
I Can't Change
A bit more of on the melodic side, this is very much an alternative pop tune. It has some of both the punk and the 60s elements built into it, but overall it's more modern in tone than some of the rest here are.
Test Pilot
This feels a lot less professional in terms of the production than the music that came before it did. The punk rock edge drives a lot of that track. It still has some alternative pop built into it, though. There is a cool trippy section as the outro that moves the track toward prog rock.
A mellower cut, this is based on acoustic guitar. The lyrics seem very trippy and artsy. Then again, the whole piece has an artsy vibe. Of course, that's all delivered with an alternative pop vibe.
U.N. Article 14
Punk rock and 60s pop rock merge here on this energized stomper. It's catchy and a lot of fun.
Punky, playful and fun, this is a good tune, and a light-hearted way to end the set.
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