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Andy the Crocodile

Scars & Wounds EP

Review by Gary Hill

This set is unique. It probably best fits under an alternative rock heading, but there is a lot of variety here. The alternative thing comes because there is a sense of quirkiness throughout. This is fun, if a bit odd.

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Track by Track Review
There is a quirky kind of groove to this number. It has a bit of a jazzy texture, too. After the first vocal section there is a bit of rock and roll guitar texture added to the mix. The number works through some changes. At times it's more rocking, and at other points mellower. There is quite a bit of jazz in this in a lot of ways.
Sleep Well My Child

Playful alternative rock with a mellow jazzy vibe is the order of business here. This is a bit more mainstream than the opener was. It's also less dynamic. Still, it has some cool moments and is quite effective. I think I prefer this to that one. I really love some of the more soaring sections later.

The Whammy Girl
Some down-home country is at the heart of this as it starts. After the first vocal section, the guitar turns crunchy, and the tune powers out with a hard rocking sound. That gets alternated with the country sounds as the track continues. This is unusual, but also a lot of fun. This has some killer rock guitar soloing. The instrumental section that showcases that is extended and powerful. It also serves as the closing movement.
Just Another Love Song

Folk music and country are at the heart of this number. It has some cool acoustic guitar soloing and works pretty well.

The Whammy Girl (Radio Edit)

Looking at the title and parenthetical, you should know what this is. I prefer this version. Somehow it just feels more immediate and potent.

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