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Mark Schirmacher

Losing Things

Review by Gary Hill
Americana is the order of business here. More often than not this is folk music. It's a solid set with a few cuts that really shine beyond the rest. Don't expect anything Earth-shattering here, but expect effective music.

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Track by Track Review
Starting gradually with a droning kind of weirdness as the actual start, intricate acoustic guitar rises up to join. The vocal performance comes in over the top of that. The problem with the first verse is that hum/drone (I think it is actually didjaridoo) sound is annoying. Fortunately, it drops away after the first set of vocals, but does come back here and there. The arrangement gets more involved, creating an almost soaring sort of dreamscape at times.
Never Gonna Let You Go (That Easily Tonight)
Percussion opens this cut. The track drives out from there with a cool folk rock meets pop rock vibe. This is energetic, playful and a lot of fun.
There are some hints of country music in the mix here. This is mellower, but also intricate. It is set in a very folk music based arrangement. Female backing vocals lend some particular magic to the piece.
It Won't Last
Here we have another mellower tune. While there is plenty of folk music here, this lands closer to an adult contemporary style. The horn augments that premise. This sounds a bit like John Mayer.
4 Walls
There are two things that really stand out on this tune to me. The first is the intricate and multi-layered mellow instrumental arrangement. The other is the soaring kind of dreamy female backing vocal section. Beyond that, this is another mellower, folk based tune that is reasonably effective.
Study of Love
I dig the bluesy country styled arrangement on this tune. It's a more rocking number. Some harmonica brings something special to it.
It's A Dream
The strings add something to this arrangement. The cut is a bit more rocking than a pure folk tune, but has a lot of folk built into it.
Crazy Fool
Harmonica is heard in very sparing quantities on this cut. The song is very much a mellow, folk based thing. It's particularly delicate.
Losing Things
It is appropriate that this is the title track of the disc. It's a dramatic and powerful folk song that is the best piece here. This is just so poignant, lyrically and musically. This is worth the price of admission by itself.
Tomorrow (Reprise)
An instrumental reprise of the opening piece, this is strong. In fact, I like this better than I do the other the version. There is a certain psychedelic vibe here that works well. It makes for a satisfying end to the disc.
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