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Brooke Benson

I Am the Sun

Review by Gary Hill
I am landing this under progressive rock more as art rock than real prog. There is a definite artistic edge to this music. It’s part beat poetry, part rock music and part artsy exploration. It oozes cool in a lot of ways, but in its own, unique way. You are unlikely to hear anything quite like this. It’s not progressive rock, but it is definitely art music.

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Track by Track Review
I Am the Sun
There is an acoustic rocking sound built into this number. The vocals are spoken, part poetry reading and part rap. There is a real artistic edge to the cut. It’s quite an intriguing number. The choruses are sung. Violin adds something special to the number.
Go with the Flow
This number has a similar sort of concept. It has a bit more of a groove to it. It’s a strong tune. This has some hints of country in the mix.
In the Eye
More of a rocker, the vocals are in the same vein as the previous cuts. There is some cool electric guitar here. The bass really drives it, though. The guitar solo on the outro is packed full of class.
The Awakening
Percussion opens this on kettledrum or something like it. The vocals come in over the top of that like beat poetry. This is a short cut that is quite artistic and poetic.
Back in the Day
This is more in line with the first couple songs. It has a cool groove, but doesn’t stand out all that much. Still, taken by itself, it’s a great tune. I really dig some of the melodies.
I Sing for You
A cool walking bass line, along with some minor drums, starts this cut. The tune has a real bluesy old-school jazz vibe to it. The vocals bring more of that beat poetry element.
Be the Change
The closer seems like part two of “The Awakening.” It’s another short number.
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