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A Planet Without An Atmosphere

Review by Gary Hill
I previously reviewed another set from this artist. I placed that one under prog, but admitted it wasn't a tight fit. The electronic concept of this set can also see it under the progressive rock heading (where I put it), but again, I can see people arguing with that. I think I preferred the previous set, but this is worthwhile, too.

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Track by Track Review
A Planet Without An Atmosphere
Fairly loud keyboard textures open this piece. It evolves into some pretty space rock like weirdness from there. That works to more pure electronic sounds as it continues. Processed vocals come in over the top.

A bit more light-hearted and purely electronic, this also has processed vocals. In some ways the music reminds me of Synergy.

Lonely Ocean
This number is more rhythmic in some ways. Layers of processed vocals serve almost as instrumentation. The piece is electronically based, slow moving and so lush. It makes me think of The Buggles to some degree.
Test Stick Uhaul Her Can, Sir?
Some more guitar type sounds open this. The cut has a rather folk rock turned 80s meets electronica vibe. The vocals don't get the processing we've heard on the previous tunes. This is a nice change, but perhaps not as potent as some of the rest. Still, the more organic approach is refreshing for the variety it brings.
Smother Nature
I dig the electronic sounds at the start of this quite a bit. The track has a bit of dream-like vibe to it. This has an intriguing groove and cool sounds to it.
The best was saved for last. This has a powerful, dream-like texture to it. It manages to be driving and also evocative. There are some non-lyrical vocals, but otherwise it's an instrumental.
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