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Guarino Savoldelli Quintet

Core 'ngrato

Review by Gary Hill

I can imagine arguments about this landing under progressive rock. The music here is essentially jazz. However, I would argue that the vocals bring it closer to the vein of Italian prog. There is plenty of fusion in the mix, along with echoes of Rock In Opposition. Whatever you call this, though, it is strong.

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Track by Track Review
Drums bring this into being. The cut works forward with a fast paced jam that's part jazz and part classical. The vocals bring a different angle to it. They are in Italian, I think. Whether you can understand the meaning or not, they convey a lot of emotion and power. The cut just oozes cool, too. I love the exploratory jam further down the road.
Só le sorbe e le nespole amare
The jazz stylings and interplay that brings this into being is classy and classic. The vocals reinforce that old-school jazz thing. I love the standup bass solo further down the road. This really isn't fusion or prog-like, landing more in a pure old-school jazz zone, but there are hints of world music in it. It also works out to some spacey weirdness late.
Cicerenella nordica contemporanea
I really enjoy the mellow jazz stylings of this piece. The cut has a great vibe and texture. It's like a trip to the past.
Tammuriata nera
This cut is quite artistic. The jazz mixes with an almost tribal world music texture. The cut is fast paced and rather crazed. The number works through a number of changes along the road. I love the piano and bass work on the jam later in the number. Further down the road a more rocking style takes over, with a real Rock in Opposition angle to it.
La nova gelosia
Piano and voice are at the heart of this cut as it works outward. Eventually the track works out to more of a standard jazz arrangement during an extended instrumental section. The vocals return after a time, to a more full treatment.
Assaje assaje
There is much more energy and groove built into this thing as it fires outward. It has enough fusion to keep it from being pure jazz, but it's close. I love the horn soloing on the cut. Don't miss the bass, though. It's pretty dramatic, too.
Sto core mio
The bass opens this cut and holds it for a time. The number eventually makes its way out to a fast paced fusion groove that's particularly tasty. The piano works gets especially expressive on this piece.
The vocals are a bit gruffer on this cut. There is a lot of jazz along with some Rock In Opposition angle to the cut.
After a percussion introduction this jumps into a fast paced jam that's packed full of Italian prog turned jazz and Rock in Opposition based. This is quite energized and a lot of fun. It's one of my favorite cuts of the set. I love the powerhouse jamming further down the road. It gets into some killer territory. There is an extended drum solo, too.
Te voglio bene assaje
This is a shorter cut. It's pretty weird in some ways, but also very effective. It makes for an effective closer.
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