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Delyn Grey

Battle (digital single)

Review by Gary Hill

There is a real stigma about mental illness in general in the world. That kind of stigma is an obstacle to people seeking treatment. Imagine if someone with a broken leg was afraid to seek treatment because of what people would say. With this single, Delyn Grey is hoping to play a role in changing that by opening up about her own battle with depression. As someone who has fought the depression battle a lot over the years, I would like to see things change. I think I'd probably be supportive of this tune even if the music wasn't that great because the message is that important. The thing is, the music is strong as well. The argument could be made to land this under heavy metal (it doesn't have a lot of crunch, but doesn't feel a bit like something that would fit well on an epic metal album). It could also be argued that it fits under progressive rock. Whatever you call it, though, please check this track out, even if just for the message. As they say, come from the message, stay for the music.

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Track by Track Review
Piano brings this into being. The vocals come in over the top in a rather haunting fashion. That piano and voice concept holds the track as it moves through a number of changes. It's a powerful piece. The message is all about a personal battle against depression. This gets into more rocking zones at times, really intensifying the musical concepts of the piece. It moves toward epic metal territory in some of the powered up portions of the number. This is just such a powerful song and an important message.
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