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Ray Scott

Nowhere Near Done

Review by Gary Hill

I know a lot of people these days really like the country music that is more closely tied to rock music or pop. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's the kind of music that really fits under one of those other headings with just a little country flavor added to it. While I do enjoy that, there is something that just feels more honest and real about country music that really owns that title. I'd consider this set to fit under that heading. All the songs here work well. There are some real standouts, too. Ray Scott's voice is of the low-register variety, and it's very good. If you like your country music more traditional, this might just be the ticket. It's quite strong.

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Track by Track Review
Better As I Go

The acoustic guitar at the back of this is intricate and evocative. The vocals are potent and stylish. The lyrics are very much of the "slice of life" variety. There are some solid bluegrass elements in the arrangement as it grows and evolves. I really love some of the guitar work on this track. It's a strong opener.

Bottle of Whiskey
Another country tune that's packed with class, this is perhaps closer to the ballad zone than the opener was. It's no less poignant or effective, though.
This is more of a powered up cut, with a great energy and drive. It's a moving piece that is less introspective.
Big Ol' World
More of a country cocker, this is a fun tune. It has a lot of drive to it. The vocal hooks are among the most infectious. There is a real anthemic angle to this tune. It might be my favorite piece of the whole disc.
I Will
If "Big Ol' World" has competition for "best song," this is it. Another rocking tune, this is just so much fun. It's a toe-tapper and has some killer guitar breaks. In fact, this might contain the best instrumental work of the whole set.
Nowhere Near Done
A balladic song, this starts quite mellow, but builds up more as it continues. The lyrics are more potent and thoughtful than those on the last couple tunes. The cut gets more powerful before it's all over and done. Personally, I think that this might have worked better in the penultimate position on the disc. That way it would have separated the two more rocking numbers, and "I Will" just seems the stronger closer to me.
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