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Robert Jürjendal

Water Finds a Way

Review by Gary Hill

I previously reviewed another set from this artist. I landed that under prog, and I'm going to do the same with this one. The overall mellower nature of this album, though, often puts it in the zone of new age music. Well, that's assuming that such a title is still a thing. Either way, it's a proggy concept in itself, and this is an effective proggy release. There are some real high points with no real weak songs.

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Track by Track Review
Percussion brings this into being. Keyboard textures rise up to meet that element, bringing a real new age electronic vibe with them. Melodic fusion guitar creates interest over the top as the number continues to evolve.
On the Heights
That new age concept is all over this piece. It's a restive number that is very pretty. It's all about the melody and gentle beauty.
Morning Land
There are lots of pretty melodies here. There are also some vocals of the female variety. There is a dreamy quality to this number.
Grey and Blue
I love the interplay between guitar and piano on this. While the number is still decidedly in the mellow zone, it's much more of a pure progressive rock piece.
There is a trippy kind of echoey prog on display here. This feels like part King Crimson and part the kind of music that would be played on that radio show "Echoes" in the 1990s. Speaking of "Echoes," hints of that song by Pink Floyd seem present, too.
The Lake Freezes
Built around pretty melodies, there is new wave music, jazz and prog all contained in this tasty meal.
For the Bees
Here we get another mellow song that could qualify as new age, but it has some rock in the mix, too.
On the Border of Sleep
Another echoey and pretty number with plenty of new age in the mix, I like this one quite a bit, too.
Come Back Free
I really love the guitar work on this piece. There is  sense of movement and travel here.
Before and Now
I really love the unusual interplay and almost playful nature of this piece. The guitar has some pretty interesting concepts at play, and the whole number is very entertaining.
I really love the guitar that suitably soars on this number. This gets quite involved and is one of the most rocking pieces here.
The Clock Ticks-Time S Wind Beat
The guitar on the last track is exceeded by the rocking guitar work on this tune. This thing is on fire. This gets quite involved and is decidedly prog rock based.
Water Finds a Way
While this feels a little more restrained, it gradually intensifies and evolves as it moves forward. This is more purely New Age in nature.
Everything Goes On
It almost seems like the album may have ended at the start of this. Music gradually rises upward. This is an intriguing piece of new age styled music. It's is a slow evolution type number that covers a lot of territory before it's over.
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