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Amanda Grace

Please Dear Sun

Review by Gary Hill

This album is quite an intriguing one. There is a wide range of sounds here, with the overall effect being mainstream pop music that leans toward alternative rock at times, country at others and has some different elements at play, too. There is one song here that I think is a mistake, but beyond that, it's all very effective. I should mention that I previously reviewed another set from this artist. Unlike this one, that was a kid's album. It's good to hear her doing some music aimed at the adult part of the population, too.

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Track by Track Review
Some Goodness
The vocals on this are gentle and yet evocative at times and soaring and powerful at others. The music has a real country meets folk ballad feeling to it. This is an effective opener. The guitar gets pretty intense on the instrumental movement later.
So Long Friend
There is a lot emotion in the intricate and gentle folk ballad approach of this number. It's a pretty song, and one of the highlights of the set.
Please Dear Sun
There is more of a pop rock element to this. The cut is another pretty one. There are still some country hints at play, but this is much more of a mainstream tune.
Love Goes On
A dreamy kind of mellow rock concept is at the heart of this. The country angles are pretty well gone here. This is another strong tune on a disc full of strong music.
You & Me
An energized and classy rocker with some hints of country in the mix, this is a real powerhouse. It's one of the highlight here. It's melodic, hook laden and so tasty.
Tears Upon My Hands
There are some killer Americana vibes built into this energetic rocker. As strong as everything to this point has been, I think this actually ups the ante.
Love Is Love
This is more of a pop rocker. It's energetic and catchy.
You're Not Mine
If there is a misstep, it's this song. The cut is too trendy and just doesn't seem to have a sense of something real. I do rather like the instrumental arrangement, but the vocal presence just doesn't work on this song. It brings some variety, but I think the disc would be stronger if this had been left off.
Your Arms
This starts quite mellow and balladic, but gradually works out to alternative rocking zones from there. It's another winner on a disc with a lot of great music.
Heavy Heart

Another alternative rock based tune, this is also another strong one. It has some great hooks and charms.

Once Again
One of the most pure rocking tunes here, this is a real powerhouse and another standout piece. It's not quite metal, but it definitely has some crunchy edges.
I'm So Lonely

While there is a rock angle to it, this is very much a country tune. The horn later brings a retro jazzy texture when it enters. This is a fun stomper and a great choice for closer.


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