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Green Jelly

Garbage Band Kids

Review by Gary Hill

I have been a fan of this band since I first heard "Three Little Pigs" all those years ago. In those days they went by the name "Green Jello," and you can still hear them referred as such on some of these songs. Indeed, it's the name used on their fascebook page, too. Their brand of metal meets hardcore meets spoof was always so fun and entertaining. I loved the way they would seamlessly mash disconnected pieces of pop culture into something that somehow worked in a bizarre way. All of those things are still at play, and this album is nearly perfect. I should mention that so much of the disc earns parental advisories that I didn't bother mentioning it in each song. If you have ever liked this band, give this disc a try. It has all the magic and irreverence you expect.

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Track by Track Review
Drums start this cut. The band pound in from there. The vocals are delivered in a hardcore, extreme metal way. This is fierce and fun with a wrestling call out to Weird Al. There is a message from Weird Al at the end of the track, too.
Silence of the Squarepants
This is a take-off on the theme song to Sponge Bob. It's a fierce, driving punk meets metal version. There is a drop to a reggae movement with a skit over the top. It encompasses the cartoon along with "Soylent Green" and zombie movies. They bring it back in with a fierce metal screaming style.
Punk Rock Pope
A techno-meets-punk vibe is at play here. Rob Zombie is a valid reference point here, but this is really trademark Green Jelly.
Fuxk It
Fierce metal meets hardcore. This has a lot of screamed gang vocals parts. There are hip hop things at play on this, too.
Boy Who Cried Wolf
This also starts with a metal grind. It works to more of rap metal jam with funk at times from there. This is both catchy and meaty. It's a lot of fun. There is a response from the wolf at the end of the tune.
Drinking Song
Fun punk is at the heart of this cut. It's sort of exactly what you'd expect based on the fact that it's Green Jelly and the title. "We're never in a funk, and that's because we're drunk." You can't argue with lines like that, can you?
Back Alley Dentist
Screaming hot metal is at the heart of this as it kicks out of the gate. I think I'd consider this one more metal than punk, but both things are represented.
I dig the bass-driven alternate section of this mid-track. The whole tune is another fierce hardcore meets metal powerhouse. It's catchy and classy.
This is such a fun tune. It's anthemic, punky and so cool. This is one of my favorites here. Then again, I love everything on this disc.
Hey Hey Hey
Bass guitar brings this in. The other instruments join along with voices bringing a metal meets punk vibe. It has a cool rock and roll groove to it, really. This is so entertaining.
Beat My Meat

Full of double-entendres, this musically mean and combines both metal and punk.

The riffing on this is so meaty. The vocals are angry. It's another tasty tune. It's also suitably weird.
Freetoe Feet
Speaking of riffing, the one that opens this is magical. The whole tune really screams with a lot of style and magic. There is an intriguing bridge that has a real cinematic vibe to it. This definitely gets metallic along the road.
Ballad of Green Jelly
Another hard-edged groove, this is a powerhouse theme song for the band. There is a slower theatrical grind mid-track. This gets crazed later and turns more toward hardcore punk zones. There is a mellower, balladeer kind of section near the end. The sounds of a bong hit serve as the actual closing, but that folk-styled part is the last music of the song.
Three Little Pigs (Re-Recorded)
I'd guess pretty much everyone knows this song. This new recording of the band's classic stomper works really well. This is a bit edgier and stripped back, but still very effective. The ending gets a little updating. There is a bit of Wink Martindale at the end of this cut.
Mægnus Ærena
There is a classy groove that has some reggae in the mix at the start. It works out to hard rocking, punky stuff as it continues. I like this alright, but it's the weakest track here. I'm not sure it needed to be here.
Holyman Back
This odd little bit of mostly ambient music accompanied by a gentle spoken vocal is the second weakest track here. It has more charm than the previous one did, though, and does provide a satisfying, if odd end to the disc.


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