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The Last Command

Review by Gary Hill

I have never really been a big WASP fan. However, this album has always been one I liked a lot. I remember having it pretty much permanently mounted into my car cassette player for a long time. It still holds up well today. That makes it a great choice for a retro metal review.

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Track by Track Review
Wild Child
Powering in fierce and tasty, this a killer tune. It has a lot of classic rock in the mix along with some particularly potent metal. It has some great hooks and meaty riffs.
Mean, screaming metal is on the menu here. The other tune was more hook laden and accessible. This is rawer and more furious.
Fistful of Diamonds
A segment of financial news brings this cut into being. They killer metal guitar rises up from there. This is another screaming hot tune. It sort of lands between the previous two cuts in some ways. It has some hooks, but is more furious than the opener was. The financial news returns on the instrumental break.
Jack Action
Drums bring this into being. The riff that joins has a real classic metal vibe. I'm reminded a little of Judas Priest. Once the vocals join, though, this is full WASP. I really dig the expressive guitar solo on this tune.
Some effects-driven things start this cut. Then a mellower musical motif rises up. The cut grows gradually from there. The metal crunch full takes hold about a minute in. This piece is more dramatic and theatrical. They don't sacrifice any mental edge for it, though. This is one of the highlights of the set.
Blind in Texas
While this is definitely metal, it has a lot more of a pure rock and roll edge to it. This screamer is one of the highlights of the set.
Cries in the Night
A dramatic mellow ballad vibe brings this in with style. The cut launches out form there into a slow moving rocker with a mellower edge to it. This has some great power metal hooks.
The Last Command
More of a meaty mainstream metal concept is in the driver's seat on the title track. This cut brings both variety and class. It's a standout with a real epic vibe.
Running Wild in the Streets
Driving power metal is on the menu here. This is a driving, anthemic piece that really rocks. The guitar solo section on this has an unusual, and not particularly metallic first section, but it screams out into more technical metal jamming from there. Eventually they make their way back into the song proper from there.
Sex Drive
Mean power metal concepts are the order of business here. The cut is driving and fierce. It has both meaty riffs and catchy hooks.


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