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The Grid / Fripp


Review by Gary Hill

Robert Fripp provides guitar and soundscapes to this. The rest of the music is handled by The Grid, which is Dave Ball on synthesizer and Richard Norris on keyboards, drum machine and programming. This is electronic music, which would probably land it under prog without Fripp, but with him it's a no-brainer. While this is not really King Crimson-like, there are some moments were mellow Crimsonian things are heard. The album seems to progress from mellower, more atmospheric sounds at the start to more energetic dance music based later. Individual songs don't grow or change all that quickly, making the track by track reviews a little short, but this is a varied and intriguing instrumental release. This disc includes a CD with the music and a DVD with both the standard version of the album and a surround sound mix.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2021  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Electronic elements bring this upward gradually. It is made up of tides of waves that increase in intensity as it continues. It has some intriguing moments.
There is more of a lightness to this piece as it rises up with keyboard textures. There is a really comforting and relaxing vibe to this.
Pulse Detected
Spacey elements are on display here.
There is a dreamy sort of mellow Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream vibe to this piece.
With a bit more energy and groove, this has some hints of things like Synergy. It's still dreamy and atmospheric. At nearly ten-and-a-half minutes of music, this is one of the most extensive pieces here.
After The Rain
With some percussive elements, this piece has more energy and is a bit more rocking than the music we've heard to this point.
Fire Tower
Another with some real energy and groove this has almost a Tomita meets Synergy vibe. At almost ten-minutes-and-50 seconds, this is the epic of the set. That space is put to good use with some killer electronic textures.
I dig the cool trippy electronic groove of this cut. It leans toward dance music, but only a little. It has great energy built into it.
This powerhouse tune is the most dance-club type music of the set. It has a driving energy and groove. It's also a great change of pace and an effective composition. The ending portion of this cut is of the percussive variety.
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