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Aural Hallucinations

Hearing what you want to See

Review by Gary Hill

This is just one track that is nearly 79-minutes long. I suppose that technically makes it a single, but that would be a real stretch of the imagination and the definition. The lineup here is Dr. Space (synths), Matt Couto (guitar), and Luis Antero (field recordings from Portugal). This is freaky stuff, and also quite intriguing. It changes gradually and incrementally most of the time, meaning that the track review is a bit daunting and only works so well. This is music meant to be experienced rather than talked about, I think. I mean, that's true to some degree of all art, but it seems particularly true here. I should add that, while I am in no way advocating drug use, I would say that this set probably sounds a lot different in a chemically altered state than it does without that enhancement.

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Track by Track Review
Hearing what you want to See
Some mellow sonic tapestry emerges. Then an echoey voice comes over the top of that, speaking in short phrases in terms of the cadence. The music seems to rise up gradually as the voice seems to drift gradually backward. Still, the voice is well out in front. Eventually the voice drops away leaving electronic music that has a real hypnotic vibe to it. Yet, there is also a bit of a dance edge there. There is some pretty wild noisy synthesizer that takes over after a while. A more driving concept returns after some time of the previous exploration. This continues to evolve and grow from there. There is a cool, energized nearly videogame sounding movement as it nears the halfway point of the track. The keyboard textures on this thing shift gradually throughout as it continues. Around the 54-minute mark there are some nature sounds, and the keyboard textures take on a more space-approach. There are some decidedly trippy moments further down the musical road. There is a noisy, droning kind of arrangement later that leans toward super-slow stoner metal.
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