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Various Artists

Rockin' With The Krauts - Real Rock 'n' Roll Made In Germany (CD), Vol. 2

Review by Gary Hill

This collection features a healthy helping of old school rock and roll from German artists. Everything here works pretty well, but there are definitely some standouts. As is the case with pretty much everything from Bear Family, this is a classy release. It includes a massive booklet (in German).

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2022  Volume 1. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Paul Würges & seine Rocking All Stars - Black Boy Jackie
This is a classy old-school rock and roller. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about, but they could be a bit problematic. I love the guitar solo.
Bill Ramsey - Caldonia
I really dig the edgy old-school rock and roll groove on this tune. The piano really stands out, but the whole tune really rocks out like crazy. It's obviously a live recording. This is one of the highlights of the set. 
Lutz Dietmar - Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
A honking saxophone starts this tune. They drive out from there into a killer old school rock and roll tune that's a lot of fun.
Emanuel & Leon Ardy's Hit-Cockers - Kissin' King
I dig the cool old-school rock and roll arrangement here. This isn't a highlight, but it works well.
Oliver Twist & The Happy Twisters - Steiler Zahn (Nag)
I'm not sold on the lead vocals, but the chorus works well. The strings seem a little over the top, too. The piece if fun, but not a standout.
The Gisha Brothers - Sie ist das schönste Girl
This is a fun romp. It has a great energy and just works really well. I particularly like the wailing saxophone solo on the tune.
Ted Hiller - Memphis, Tennessee
It seems weird to hear this tune with German lyrics. Still, the magic manages to shine through. This old-time rocker gets a great telling here.
John Dattelbaum - Mädchenschreck (Runaway)
This is a bit too theatrical for my tastes. It just feels over the top. It's not my thing, but your mileage may vary.
Bob Gerry - Hallo, My Baby
Bouncing and driving rock and roll, this is definitely an improvement over the previous tune. This is a lot of fun.
Ted Herold - Crazy Boy
While this is a bit strange, it really rocks well. It's not at the same level as the song that preceded it, but it's fun.
Little Gerhard - Versprich mir nichts
I dig this classy and classic rock and roll romp.
Marika Rökk - Eine Party bei mir
The female vocals are a nice change, and this tune really rocks. It's another entertaining tune. I particularly dig the saxophone, but be sure to check out that bass work, too.
Wolfgang Sauer - For You My Love
I love the horn arrangement on this. It brings a real jazzy angle to the tune. This is another fun one.
Lutz Dietmar - Rock Baby Rock
Again the female vocals lend a sense of change. This is a killer rock and roll groove. I love the interplay between the guitar and the honking horn.
Werner Müller & Die Woo-Hoos - Woo-Hoo
I love the low-register sound on this rocker. It's more of a surf music kind of piece with some vintage rock and roll in the mix. It's a killer instrumental and one of the highlights here. There is some wailing harmonica later on along the road.
The Rattles - Betty Jean
While not a real standout, this is just a fun little rock and roller. I like the guitar solo a lot. The whole tune works well.            
Harry Glück - So ein komisches Gefühl (Got A Funny Feeling)
I like the rhythm section groove on this. The piano gets a great showing, too. That said, the guitar solo is on fire, and the walking bass line is exceptional.
Jack Finey - Schade um die Rosen
This number just oozes charm, style and cool. It has a real bluesy jazz concept at its core. It is one of the highlights here.
Rex Gildo - Liebe kälter als Eis (Devil in Disguise)
Entertaining, this has a good energy. It's not a standout, though.
The Pralins - Jumpin' Run
I love the energy and drive of this screaming hot rock and roller. This stomper is a highlight of the set.
Mama Betty's Band - Die Liebesmedizin (Love Potion No. 9)
I'm a fan of this tune in all its forms, and this version is so classy.
Billy Sanders - Du hast soviel Sex-Appeal
A bouncy rocker, this is fun stuff.
Little Gerhard & His Swedish G-Men - Shake, Baby, Shake (Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On)
There is a killer old-school rock and roll groove on display here. This is so much fun.
Billy Mo - Fräulein Gerda
There is more of a jazz groove to this tune. In fact, it feels like a crooner sort of song. The vibes are a nice touch, and the horns deliver melody and magic.
Die Javalins - Mr. Tschang aus Chinatown
A bouncing kind of number, there are some Asian melodic elements built into it at times.
Jörg Maria Berg - Sugaree
I love this high energy stomper. It's one of the standout tracks here.
The Moon Riders - Moon Dance
This rock and roll instrumental is all classy. The guitar sounds are so classic. The piano soloing is great, too. This is another standout number.     
The Cry'n Strings - Bu Bu Bi Du
Starting acapella, this has a classic old-school rock and roll sound at its heart. It's a lot of fun.
Ted Herold - Hey Little Girl (Wheew)
This classic tune gets a great rendition here. It's based largely around acoustic guitars.
Bill Ramsey - Big Fat Mama
A piano and vocal dominated tune, this is a real screamer.
Frank Olsen - Bist du noch mein Baby (Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby)
Wow! This jazzy groove is so much fun. It seems like something that would have fit very well in the Big Band revival from a couple decades ago. This is a highlight of the set. I would consider this a jazz tune more than a rock and roller, though.
Ralf Bendix - Heute geh' ich nicht nach Hause (Hound Dog)
Another with a healthy helping of jazz in the mix, this has more rock and roll built into than the previous one did.
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