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Various Artists

Space Opera

Review by Gary Hill

This various artists collection is definitely not a tight fit under the prog heading. Probably the two biggest impediments to that categorization are the final two tracks. Those songs have raps that put them in the hip hop genre. Still, I think that the electronic, spacey arrangements on the rest (and even to some degree those tracks) makes the categorization work to some degree. However you label this, though, it's intriguing and entertaining.

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Track by Track Review
Illexxandra - Evil Aria
Electronic and classical in nature, the percussive element brings a little hip hop vibe to the piece. There are some dramatic 1950s sci-fi sounds that come over the top later. This is trippy, proggy and full of weird twists and turns. It's a classy number.
Cam Lasky - Centurion
Percussive, spacey and trippy, I really dig this number. It's electronic and so tasty. It is also dramatic and has some really freaky moments. There is a spoken loop that's processed in cool ways at a couple points along the ride.
Goldish - Andromeda
There are some samples that sound rather like voices. The cut has some bombastic and dramatic electronic space prog at its heart. This is another that has some hints of hip hop in the mix. This has a fairly prominent percussive element.
Bukkha - Space Coast Boogie
I dig the trippy spacey groove on this number. It has plenty of energy and really moves, though. It's very much along the lines of EDM but with proggy textures and some serious space in the mix.
El Diablo Feat Nim-1 - The Dragon
Now, this number has an actual rap to it. That makes it a variant from the others both because it's not an instrumental and because it's a hip hop piece. That said, it still has some proggy elements. It earns a minor parental advisory.
Beat Kitty Feat Annie Dolly - Make a Wish
This is the other different piece. It has rapping, too. Instead of the male rapper on the previous tune, this one gets a female rap. The music has a percussive vibe and some spacey electronic concept. This one also gets an advisory for the lyrics.
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