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Cosmic Cassiopeia

Music for Late Night Listeners

Review by Gary Hill

Dr, Space (Scott Heller) must be one of the busiest musicians on the planet - or perhaps more appropriately, in the galaxy. It seems like he's constantly releasing one project after another. This is one such recording, this time teamed up with Daniel Lars. The music here reflects the space rock elements that seem nearly omnipresent in the music Heller creates. This is artistic, and yet fun. There is a decent range, and I'd recommend this to fans of instrumental space music.

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Track by Track Review
Deep in the Depths of your Mind
Cool keyboard textures bring this in. Then some psychedelic guitar comes over the top and starts jamming as the number works forward. It is a freeform exploration with a real space rock feeling to it.
Cloth Ears
There is more of a fun groove to this piece. Yet, it's still decidedly space rock based. I can even make out some hints of funk on this, though.
Get it On
I love the driving element at the back of this and particularly how it contrasts with the trippy space sounds out front. That more insistent part drops away later, giving way to more pure space.
Bear Romper Stomper
There is  cool echoey space rocking vibe to this number. It has a great energy and some killer guitar work. It's a rich and dense arrangement of space rock.
Maggies's Flower
Feeling quite freeform and tastefully weird, I really like this number a lot. It's quite the adventure.   
Sweeping Klaus's Patio
Driving and hard rocking, this is another killer space rock outing. There are some killer instrumental forays on this. The interplay between the instruments works so well. In fact, this might be my favorite piece here.
Lucid Dreaming
Lots of layers of keyboards are heard as this gets underway. The cut works through a number of changes, getting into some echoey and suitably dreamy mellower stuff later.
Cosmic Vermin Lights
Packed full of cool melodic exploration, this is an energized and rather soaring space rock jam.
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