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Stomp Gordon

Damp Rag - The Killa Dilla From Columbus, Ohio

Review by Gary Hill

You might not have heard of Stomp Gordon before. He was a jump blues artist from Ohio, and this set from Bear Family presents his entire catalog that he recorded. It's delivered in a record (10-inch, 45-RPM) along with bonus CD. The CD includes some related songs by other artists. I should note that the times listed for the songs on the record are all the same (2:22). I haven't checked them, but I suspect that's not accurate, and just how they are all listed. Either way I don't hear any differences between the versions on the record and the CD, so I'm thinking the times listed for the CD are also accurate on the vinyl. As you can always expect from Bear Family, this is a classy release. In this case, it's a good introduction to an intriguing artist.

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) form in Music Street Journal: 2022  Volume 4. More information and purchase links can be found at:

Track by Track Review
Side One

This starts with the main riff from "Dragnet" the TV theme song. The cut works from there to a jazzy rocking romp that's entertaining. I love the jazz jam that ensues later in the piece. It's on fire.

Damp Rag
A fun and energetic romp, I like this one a lot, too. It has rock and roll and jazz in the mix.
Don't Do Me That Way
Another jazzy romp, this is quite entertaining. The volume seems to drop mid-song, as if it's a recording issue.
The Grind
The blend of rock and roll and jazz on this is great. This is an energetic romp. They jump into a bit of "Jingle Bells" at the end.
Fat Mama Blues
Starting with piano, this is a classy blues jam with lots of great piano work on the menu.
Side Two


Oooh Yes!

This up-tempo tune is honking, rocking goodness.

Ride Superman, Ride
With that title you might expect a novelty tune. I suppose this qualifies, but it's also a solid romp.
Hide The Bottle
I like this bluesy number a lot. It has plenty of jazz in the mix. It just oozes cool.
What's Her Wimsey Dr. Kinsey
This has a tasty jazz meets rock and roll groove to it. It's another winner.
Devil's Daughter
I like the piano on this cool jazzy tune. The saxophone solo brings some magic, too. The whole number rocks and wails, though.

This version of the opening tune of the record is about six-seconds longer than that take. The first  jazz jam on this seems particularly inspired.

Dragnet - Ray Anthony & His Orchestra
This is the TV show theme song. It's bombastic and potent. It's extended and works to some partcularly cool jamming on those concepts.
Dragnet Blues - Johnnie Moore's Three Blazers feat. Frank Ervin
Starting with the theme song melody, there is a spoken bit about the blues being true. From there we're taken into a classy slow blues groove that is classic in tone and style. This is the jazz variety of the blues.
Dragnet - Jesse Allen
Starting with the theme song and the "the story you are about to hear is true..." from the show, it works to a different sort of jazz blues romp from there. While this is cool, I don't think it's as strong as the piece that preceded it.
Damp Rag
This version of the song from the record is four-seconds longer than that other one.
Don't Do Me That Way
This one is more than half-a-minute longer than the version on the record. It's every bit as good.
The Grind
Here we get a version that's supposed to be seven-seconds longer.
Fat Mama Blues
This take is almost half-a-minute longer than than the record version.
Oooh Yes!
Seven seconds are added to this if the liner notes are right.
Ride Superman, Ride
More than half-a-minute longer than the other version, this doesn't feel different.
Hide The Bottle
This is supposed to be 16-seconds longer than the version on the record.
What's Her Wimsey Dr. Kinsey
A version that's listed as about 25-seconds longer than the other version, this is every bit as strong as that take.
Hey Dr. Kinsey - Big Duke & His Orchestra
A tune that is based on the same concept as the previous one (The Kinsey report), this gives a lot of statistics from that report. It's a fun bluesy, jazzy romp. Who knew stats could be this much fun?
Devil's Daughter
This track is supposedly 11-seconds shorter than the version on the record.
Sloppy Daddy Blues

I love this track. It has a great combination of blues jazz. It's a real stomper that works so well.

Please Don't Pass Me By
The piano brings this one into being. The cut drives out from there with a more middle-of-the-road jazz-meets-rock-and-roll song. This is solid, but not a standout by any means. I do enjoy that jam mid-track where the piano and saxophone keep each other company.
My Mother's Eyes
A balladic tune, there is a real bluesy jazz vibe to this thing.
Juicy Lucy
This number has some killer jazz and blues in the mix. It's so classy. This is one of my favorite tunes here, really.
Oh Tell Me Why
1950s rock and roll and jazz meet on this tune. It's a solid number.
Walk Around The Corner
I love this energetic romp. It has plenty of rock and roll and jazz built into it. It's also knee-deep in class and style.
Pennies From Heaven - The Mills Brothers
A barbershop-quartet-meets-gospel vibe is on the menu on this nearly acapella piece. The tune fits as vocals only except for a guitar introduction and an old-timey instrumental break.
Pennies From Heaven

A mellower, balladic cut, this has a real doowop feeling to it.

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