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17 Song Demo

Review by Gary Hill

This is the first CD release of a previously self-released cassette from Anti-Flag. The music here is tastefully raw. It covers a decent range of punk sounds, from more original, OG punk to hardcore and more. There is one bonus track, too a cover of a song from Mission Of Burma. All in all, this is an effective punk rock album.

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Track by Track Review
They Don't Protect You
The energy and angst on this is classic. This has such a great vintage punk sound.
Red, White and Brainwashed
Even fiercer, this thing is absolutely on fire. it works more onto the hardcore end of the spectrum, and that's a good thing.
All Alone
While not as strong as the two songs that preceded it, this does have a bit more of a garage-band sound to it.
Your Daddy Was A Rich Man (Your Daddy's F***ing Dead)

A slower punk grind, this reminds me a little of the Sex Pistols. The lyrics definitely earn a parental advisory.

Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene
This is another fierce punk screamer.
I Hate People Like You
Another that earns a parental advisory, this is scorching hot punk rock.
She's My Little Go-Go Dancer
Bass guitar starts this. They launch into more high energy old-school punk from there. There is a dropped back section mid-track that is just vocals over the rhythm section. It comes back out into the standard arrangement from there, though.
Drink Drank Punk
Really fast-paced, this is raw, fun and driving with a real hardcore sound.
Kill The Rich
This reminds me of The Dead Boys' "Sonic Reducer" to some degree. It's a killer, angry punk stomper. There is a fast section later in the track that includes some pretty awesome bass work.
Betty Sue Is Dead
There are some hints of old-school rock and roll in the mix here, but this is overall raw punk that shifts timing multiple times. The bass is again a prominent part of the arrangement here. It drops back to a bass and vocals section along the road, too.
Daddy's Wearing Mommies Clothing
I love the timing changes on this. The cut is very much a hardcore screamer.
I Fall Apart
There is a lot of style and charm on this tune. It almost transcends the punk label, landing more along the lines of hard rock. You'll note that I said "almost" because this is still punk rock, really.
Class Plague
Another that leans more on the hard-rock versus punk end of the spectrum, this is such a strong song. It's actually one of my favorites here. It's fierce. Still punky, it's just a bit more mainstream hard rock than some of the others.
You'd Do The Same
A fast and furious screamer, we're back into more hardcore territory here.
Song For Jesus Christ
Roughly half-a-minute long. .This definitely earns a parental advisory, and is sure to upset Christians. It's weird stuff, but also especially angry.
10 Seconds
While this is titled "10 seconds," it actually runs 12. This is just a short burst of punk craziness.
5 Minutes
Coming in noisy, freaky and almost space rock like, this is still decidedly punk. It earns another parental advisory.
That's When I Reach For My Revolver
This is fierce and driving punk rock. This is another that works toward non-punk hard rock. It has some intriguing changes. I mean, it's still punky, but less pure punk than some of the others here.
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