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David Young

and Friends - Love Wins

Review by Gary Hill

I initially had planned to land this under progressive rock. That was largely due to the appearance of Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta. After listening, though, I think even that connection misses making it proggy enough to be included there. Then again, that's just by a matter of degrees because a couple songs come pretty close. If it had just a little more leaning in that direction, I would have gone with that plan.

So, what kind of music is this. It lands somewhere in the folk meets soft rock zone. It's also extremely effective. This is just a real "feel good" kind of album. In addition to Levin and Marotta, David Young is joined here by Levin's brother Pete (who, along with Tony makes up The Levin Brothers), Keith Martin, Lisa Maria, Sarah Perrotta and LIndsay Morano.

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Track by Track Review
Everybody in the World
An intricate and gentle piece, this has a lot of folk music built into it. It builds out to more energized stuff further down the road, but still remains melodic and on the mellower end of the spectrum. This is such a classy piece of music.
Love Wins
The title track is a beautiful folk rock styled piece. It has a particularly catchy chorus and really works so well.
Heaven is the Place
Now here we get into some proggy territory. There is still a lot of folk music here, too.
The Best is yet to Come
A bouncy tune, this has more of an energetic edge than the rest of the music here does. It's a classy tune with a real classic sound. This still has some folk in the mix, but is definitely cut from a different clothe in many ways.
I dig the jazzy elements on this cut. Overall, though, it fits under the same folk music styled heading as the rest of the set.
I See the World with Different Eyes
For some reason I can hear some Rod Stewart, early era, texture here. This has some intricate folk music in the mix. It's another effective number.
The Other Side of the Clouds
Now, here I'm reminded just a little of Neil Young at times. This cut has a proggier angle to it. Folk music is a big part of the general concept, too.
This is an energetic and bouncing folk rock number that's a lot of fun. There is a real 1970s sort of vibe to this.
Troubled Waters
Mellow and intricate, this number is quite evocative. It's also so powerful, although understated in terms of volume. The cut works out to some proggier zones further down the road in an extended instrumental movement.
The Perfect Place at the Perfect Time
Folk and soft rock are in place on this slow tune. It's pretty and effective.
The Way of Love
The closer is a big change. It's a soulful rocker that's so much fun. It's actually one of my favorite tunes of the set.
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