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CD Reviews
All Shall Fall
Review by Mike Korn
Immortal has emerged as one of those iconic bands that defines a certain sound. I would put them in the same category as Black Sabbath or Slayer.

The Sons of Northern Darkness
Review by Mike Korn
Forget all your preconceptions when listening to this disk. Ignore the fairly cheesy look of the band, which screams "Norwegian Black Metal" in giant Gothic letters.
Concert Reviews
Immortal - Immortal Live in Chicago, 2003
Review by Mike Korn
From the frozen wasteland of Blashrykh (or Norway, at least) came Immortal, the most intriguing and "different" of the bands on the Metal Gods tour. I was really looking forward to them, and they did not disappoint.
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I - Between Two Worlds
Review by Mike Korn
There are certain bands that are grand masters of "the riff.” Black Sabbath automatically comes to mind and I would also include Celtic Frost in that select group. Right now, the best riff masters are arguably the Norwegian ice demons Immortal, back in action after a 3-year layoff.
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