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Primal Fear
CD Reviews
New Religion
Review by Greg Olma
I always liked Primal Fear because they carried the Judas Priest torch when Priest wasn’t making music. It's not that they were necessarily a copy band but they did take that blueprint of Painkiller and added a little Euro metal to the mix.
Nuclear Fire
Review by Mike Korn
Primal Fear is a band that would dearly love to be Judas Priest. From the Hellion-style robotic birds on their album covers to the leather garb of the members and the shrieking vocals of Ralf Scheepers, everything about these Germans screams of their desire to follow in the footsteps of the immortal British metal band.
Review by Gary Hill
If there’s a problem with Primal Fear it’s their reliance on clichéd lyrics and song titles.

Concert Reviews
Primal Fear - Live in Chicago, 2003
Review by Mike Korn
For this reviewer, this was the tour of the year...a chance to see the Metal God himself, Rob Halford, accompanied by a sextet of topnotch metal bands of various stripe. In short, the tour is like a stripped-down Milwaukee Metalfest of all beef, no filler.
Primal Fear - Live in Joliet, Illinois, May 2014
Review by Mike and Kat Heitzman

We felt pretty privileged to have Primal Fear travel all the way from Germany to honor us with their righteous metal.

Primal Fear
Interview by Mike Korn

Interview with Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear from 2012

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Review by G. W. Hill
Al Atkins is probably best known as the original singer for Judas Priest. You can find his name on some of the early Priest albums as one of the writers of a number of their songs.

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