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Bon Jovi

The Story of My Life DVD

Review by Gary Hill

A point is made on this documentary that really said a lot to me. Had Bon Jovi not made it there probably would have never been a hair-metal scene. While there are a few hair metal bands that I appreciate, I think that would have been a fair trade off. That said, Bon Jovi is an act I like well enough, but they wouldn't be a favorite in my book. If having them never make it (along with a few other good acts in the genre) it would mean that the whole bunch of hair metal bands wouldn't have ever been the sound of the time - I'd call that a bargain. OK, enough of that soapbox. This DVD is another of the unauthorized biographies of acts to be released on Locomotive. Like the rest of these, this one is solid and for the casual fan like myself a definite learning experience. As always they don't have access to the band specifically for this release. That means any actual interviews with Bon Jovi and other members of his band are archival segments that the producers could get into their hands. I know that I comment on the fact that none of these have actual music from the acts for the transitions in pretty much every review, but the music they use for this one is really bad. I think they could have found any number of better pieces of sound to put in there. For bonus features they put in the usual, a trivia quiz and discography. All in all this one would be of definite interest to hardcore Bon Jovi completists, but (as I can attest) the more casual listeners out there will get both entertainment and knowledge from this, too.

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