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Geoff Gibbons

Keep on Driving (video)

Review by Gary Hill

I reviewed the single of this song in the previous issue of Music Street Journal. Now, Geoff Gibbons has released a video of the number, and that's what I'm reviewing here. It's important, though, to look back at what I said about the song in that other review. In the overall review I said,  "It has plenty of country and folk music in the mix, but it’s all delivered with rock and singer/songwriter elements at play, too. However you classify it, though, this is effective."

When it came to describing the tune for the track review, I said this, "Country and folk are combined on the opening section here. That mix serves as one of the underlying elements of the whole piece, really. Add some mainstream rock music to the mix and you have the whole picture. There are some soaring moments here. The hooks are strong, and the whole piece has an effective, timeless quality to it.:

With that recap out of the way, let's have a look at the video for this tune. The opening is intriguing. It has a beeping like a medical monitor while there is what looks like a blood vessel with blood cells pumping through it. That image is replaced by a busy intersection in a city. Looking at it from above, it seems to show the blood vessel of that city pumping the cars that are the cells going through the veins. As that imagery is shown the monitor sound continues along with a rising cacophony.

That all gives way to the opening modes of the song as the picture changes to what appears to be an out of focus field of flowers. Various scenic elements (including a desolate highway surrounded by a forest of evergreens) are seen. That is replaced by something that looks a lot like that blood vessel footage, but in green. Dual colored imagery of a traffic circle is seen as the line "I'm tired of the grind" is heard. That turns to more full color as this continues.

Nature shots, open roads and more are seen as the video continues. Other bits of scenery are included here, along with road footage. There are city scenes. There are also bits shot from the driver's point of view in a car. It all eventually works back to the overhead city shots that appeared earlier (both the straight intersection and the roundabout) to end the video.

It should be noted that since the video is a digital release, there doesn't seem to be a cover that's specific to it. Rather the same cover that was used for the single is being sent out with this video. So, that's what I've used for the cover graphic.

You can watch the video for yourself on YouTube here:

This review is available in book (paperback and hardcover) in Music Street Journal: 2020  Volume 5. More information and purchase links can be found at:

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