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Inverse Gravity Vehicle

Interviewed by Gary Hill
Interview with Joie Hinton and Deborah L. Knights of Inverse Gravity Vehicle from 2010
MSJ: Can you give our readers a look at the history of your group and your involvement in music?

 Deborah L. Knights: InVerse Gravity Vehicle was launched  end of  2008.  It was formed to promote the technology of invention of Professor Searl  - see &

Joie was still in Here and Now at that time and both Keith the bass and Steffe Sharpstrings were around and which was around the time we made I.G. V 1 and 2 but the tracks ......”Learn By Heart the Rhythm” and “Rapper Slapper” came out on Magnetizer.

There was also an ambient track of Steffe’s called “Evestrum” that had a John Searl interview – “Amongst the Pigeons” LEVITY disc 2.

These are being re-released as downloads without the songs.

We were glad to have them on board the IGV to play guitar and bass.

Later Ed Ozric on “Predator Control” along with Tom Billings (at the time Lord mayor of Glastonbury wrote piano arrangements for “Friendly Fire”. 

Luke Tunney Trumpet player, Will Greenwood “Space Pirates” and Samuel Pitstop helped co produced also the Pavarotti of Persian cat vocalist for the four legged....... Just before he crossed the rainbow and all tracks feature on Magnetizer first love.... started writing songs and melodies when I was 3 to 4 and listened all I could. Often some old piano where I lived and so learned -  some at least - what not to do! Violin when i was 9 but it felt more natural to me using it as a lyre or guitar, so soon I gave up the bow. Voice lessons with Joia Claire (my dearest sister ) and some messages in dreams inspired me and at times kept me going!

Joie Hinton: I’ve been involved in music since I was 4 ......that’s when I brought my first record and I have been involved in music ever since the first band The Oroonies


Where does the name “Inverse Gravity Vehicle” come from? Is there some significance to it?

It is the name of the levity disc and invention of Prof J.R.R.Searl

The Searl Effect Technology ............This is our message -  and the inventor lives right here and wants to make this generator! We need it now!

If any one wants to know about the technology they should listen to Bump it With a Proton and Tunneling Into the Atom or go to SEARLSOLUTION.COM or INVERSEGRAVITYVEHICLE.COM

MSJ: Joie, you are a former member of Ozric Tentacles. What was your experience like in that band? And what lead to your departure from the group?

Joie Hinton: It was great fun and things change.


What is this invention that your album and project are based upon?

Deborah L. Knights: The SEG -  Searl Effect Generator -  draws from the surrounding space fabric and can power anything that requires electricity! and the people!

Proven to be conducive for healing burns, specifically it could be built as a healing machine with far more benefits yet to be tried

Listen to “Healing Machine” on Tunneling into the Atom. It pulls energy from the solar system and charges the body with electrons.

Different frequencies could assist in many ways yet to be tried and tested. This is my main interest in the technology and why I want to help make it happen as I think we all need it for sure!


Were you friends with the person involved in this invention or just a (for lack of a better term) science geek fan about it?

Deborah L. Knights: Well you did ask’s far from geeky - it’s far out!

I dreamt about his machine. Well, actually I was awake and experienced its healing benefits some years back and I know it was so real it happened somewhere  in time and space and that's what  am trying to get to. I met him when he was talking at a conference about when he survived an explosion just the following day and I just knew it was the machine.

 I soon learned all the information came to him through dreams as a child and these dreams are what I wrote songs about as on Magnetizer.


How would you describe the sound of Inverse Gravity Vehicle?

Deborah L. Knights: Well, as it moves through the universe it makes a wishy noise moves superluminal and changes all the time


What’s ahead for you?

Deborah L. Knights: A review of our latest two albums by you? (Tunneling into the Atom and Bump it with a Proton)

MSJ: Are there musicians you'd like to play with in the future?

Deborah L. Knights: No, trying to steer clear of them – can’t tell you that if we haven't met them. The rest is secret

Joie Hinton: But maybe Jon Hassell


Do you think that downloading of music is a help or hindrance to the careers of musicians? It's been said by the major labels that it's essentially the heart of all the problems they are having in terms of lower sales - would you agree?

Deborah L. Knights: The heart of the matter is with everything in truth. If it looses its heart it stops beating, or needs an assemblage point shift! Art -time space and energy


In a related question how do you feel about fans recording shows and trading them?

Deborah L. Knights: Well, they’re not really fans if they want to rip off profits for this technology. But if they want to sell and help that would be great they could earn a bit, too ...get in touch.


If you were a superhero, what music person would be your arch-nemesis and why?

Deborah L. Knights:  Super hero? Arch-Nnemesis? I just can't imagine what I don't want to be! There's two of me already to deal with! And I am my worst enemy (at times).

Joie Hinton: Todd is God!


If you were to put together your ultimate band, who would be in it?

Joie Hinton: Us,  Steffe Sharpstrings guitar -Tom Jenkinson- square pusher -bass generator, John -drums and us and John Searl


What was the last CD you bought, or what have you been listening to lately?

Deborah L. Knights: Listen and make more than listen, but last was Vaughan Williams


 What about the last concert you attended for your enjoyment?

Deborah L. Knights: Here and Now last year


What has been your biggest Spinal Tap moment?

Deborah L. Knights: Spiraling Out and From the Galactic Core

Joie Hinton: Hanging out with Timothy Leary

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2010  Volume 2 at
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