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Interviewed by Gary Hill

Interview with Jonas Meyer of Frames from 2010


Can you catch the readers up on the history of your involvement in music?

Sure, in the beginning it was me and Kiryll playing in a band together, the Steven Hawkins Mighty Future Shuttle, great name but this project got stuck after a while.

I always wrote a lot, so Kiryll convinced me to start a new band to realize my songs. Manuel, the keyboarder, was found via Internet and we asked our old bassman from SHMFS, if he would like to join us. So the band was complete and we started to work. Later Julian replaced Greger, after recording our first EP.

MSJ: Where did the name of the band originate?
We discussed for hours. In the end “frames” was the name everybody could live with. We like the idea of a frame, representing the music, and the images created through it in your own head.

If you weren't involved in music what do you think you'd be doing?

Difficult to say, Manuel would be a businessman, Kiryll maybe a photographer, I guess me and Julian would do social work.

MSJ: Who would you see as your musical influences (both personally and as a group)?

 My personal influences are Radiohead, Oceansize, Mono and Tool and so many others.

On the band’s side it’s probably Porcupine Tree and Tool.


What's ahead for you?

We are looking forward to play as many gigs as we can get and working on new material.

MSJ: I know artists hate to have their music pigeonholed or labeled, but how would you describe your music?

Altogether it´s atmospheric, instrumental rock music. Some people say post rock, the others progressive/artrock. But this is what sums it up in the end.

MSJ: Are there musicians with whom you would like to play with in the future?
Rather bands: Long Distance Calling, Oceansize, Porcupine Tree; this would be a little dream.
MSJ: Do you think that illegal downloading of music is a help or hindrance to the careers of musicians?
In my opinion it’s controversial. On the one hand it helps to become more popular, but on the other hand only a few people are buying albums. The idea of a cultural flat rate is interesting. Maybe something like this is the way of the future.
MSJ: In a related question, how do you feel about fans recording shows and trading them?
From our position as a band it's just good for us, people spread our material.
MSJ: If you were a superhero, what music person would be your arch nemesis and why?
Nobody would be my enemy, but if I have to choose, the whole German folk (“Schlager”) music sector - absolutely stupid music and lyrics.
MSJ: If you were to put together your ultimate band (a band you'd like to hear or catch live), who would be in it and why?
Mhh difficult to say. It's always a personal thing within a band, I can't imagine something like an ultimate band.
MSJ: If you were in charge of assembling a music festival and wanted it to be the ultimate one from your point of view who would be playing?
I don´t know…all my favorites of all genres: From Japanische Kampfhörspiele to Debussy.

What was the last CD you bought and/or what have you been listening to lately?

The last one was Olafur Arnalds -"...and they have escaped the weight of darkness" - and lately I often listened to the Trentemoeller Chronicles, great electronic music.
MSJ: Have you read any good books lately?
Henning Mankell, a Scandinavian detective story.
MSJ: What about the last concert you attended for your enjoyment?
Bohren und der Club of Gore or Russian Circles I´m not quite sure. The next concert will be The Intersphere, a great German Band.
MSJ: Do you have a musical “guilty pleasure?”
No I actually just listen to very great music
MSJ: What has been your biggest Spinal Tap moment?
No Spinal Tap moment yet. But we are playing some shows in autumn, it won’t last too long.
MSJ: If you could sit down to dinner with any three people, living or dead, for food and conversation, with whom would you be dining?
Steven Wilson, Hermann Hesse and John Lennon. Maybe we’ll change the world.

 Are there any closing thoughts you would like to get out there?

 Visit our homepage, you can download our first EP for free and listen to a few tracks of our actual LP.


Thanks for the interview

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2010  Volume 5 at
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