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Derek Sherinian

Interviewed by Larry Toering
Interview with Derek Sherinian from 2011
How swiftly did the material come together for BCC 2, as opposed to the first one?
Glenn again wrote the majority of the songs. Joe brought in a couple. The song "Save Me" was written by the whole band.
MSJ: You seem to be more involved across the board on it. Did that come naturally, or was it the result of being more available for recording, as you have other work to do, including Billy Idol? 
The timing worked out perfectly so that there were no schedule conflicts with Billy Idol.


MSJ: The chemistry also seems to be more evident as a complete unit on this fantastic recording. Did it develop naturally through playing together live or did that come about more in the studio?      
By the time we started recording the second BCC record we had two full concerts under our belt. The band seemed to gel very naturally in the studio.
MSJ: How is the tour going so far, and where are you playing in Europe as we speak? 

The tour is going great so far. Everyone is getting along great. We are in Hamburg, Germany.

MSJ: How supportive do you find the US fans in particular, and when can you be expected back for more dates? 

The few shows that we have done in the US, the fans were great. Hopefully we can do a more extensive tour in the US in 2012.

MSJ: What can you tell the fans about working with these guys that makes a difference as opposed to being in other bands you have been with?

Just the people involved are different characters. Glenn is the elder statesman, Jason is a fun loving big little kid, and Joe is one of the nicest guys that you will meet. I like all of them.

MSJ: Does recording with a producer as disciplined as Kevin Shirley make being in a band more or less laboring? 

Kevin steers the ship. It has been his concept from the beginning and we trust his vision.

MSJ: Can you tell us how he stands apart from other producers you've worked with over the years?

Kevin has great ears, and he is open to hear musical ideas from the players. He also is great at dealing with everyone's personalities.

MSJ: How do you feel about the whole downloading music factor and its casualties versus its benefits in the industry over the last decade or so? 

I wish people would just go buy the CD old school style

MSJ: Do you see the band looking at the future or taking things as they come? 
There are plans for a DVD this winter, and another record and touring in 2012.
MSJ: What are some of your favorite numbers from the two BCC releases, and which tracks do you find the most satisfying to play on stage? 
I think that "Save Me" is the strongest song because of the synergy involved in the writing process.  I think "Hadrian's Wall" and "Cold" are very good also.
MSJ: What's your biggest Spinal Tap moment to share? 

Too many to mention. Everyday is Spinal Tap.

MSJ: What keyboards/gear are you using on this current tour? 

I am using  a Hammond B3,  KORG Kronos 61, and a Nord Electro 3.

MSJ: Where do you see BCC going in terms of the future, are you constantly planning or taking it one step at a time as you go? 

I just take it as it comes. You never know hat is around the corner.

MSJ: How do you like playing tracks in the show from the Glenn Hughes back catalog, such as “Burn” and the Led Zeppelin and Who numbers you've played since the first tour? 
We only play "Burn" now, and I love closing the show with it.
MSJ: Who are some of your main musical influences, both in the keyboard/organ/piano department, and in general as well? 

There are many. Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Jsn Hammer. In guitar, Ed Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Yngwie, Randy Rhoads

MSJ: What is your next move outside of BCC, in terms of recording and/or touring, and are you working on anything at the moment or only committed to the business at hand? 

I have a new solo album called "Oceana" coming out on Mascot Records September 14th. Read all about it on

MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2011  Volume 4 at
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