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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Dr. Hadley

Premium Sound System

Review by Gary Hill

This album features strong alternative sounds with many diverse influences. Premium Sound System is a very listenable CD. Dr. Hadley is Robert Rahul, Phil Julienne, Dave Segreti and Eric Jones. The album is available at many record stores including Tower, Camelot, Borders, HMV, and Virgin Megastores.

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Track by Track Review
Blue Berried Sky
Beginning with acoustic guitar, this cut is a very entertaining alternative piece which shows elements of Led Zeppelin, Janes Addiction and Faith No More.
A funky intro leads into a strong and energetic fast-paced rocker. This one really sets a wonderful tone, and features a few Crimsonesque moments.
27th And Madison
A slower rocker, this is another solid cut.
Showing elements of Janes Addiction, this is another rock and roller.
Feeling a bit like a slow, melodic Pearl Jam cut, eventually the piece becomes a bit more of a rocker that shows elements of `60`s and `70`s sounds with a bit of Smashing Pumpkins thrown in for good measure. This is a catchy number.
Super Duper Heep Machine
This is a fast moving and clever alternative piece.
My Milky Way (Suburbia)
A strong rocker with retro leanings, this is another infectious piece.
Groove Jet
Groove Jet is a fun piece combining classic rock elements with punkish and alternative sounds.
Family Sedan
The intro and chorus here are in a bouncy rock mode that rhythmically feels a bit like The Ramones. The verses feel like slower, more contemplative alternative rock.
Beginning as a Nirvanaish down-tempo rocker, after a time the speed increases dramatically, making for an interesting contrast. As the song continues, it alternates between these two modes.
Strung Out
A tense rocker with classic rock elements, this is a standout cut.
Ultra Sound
An odd effects oriented intro begins this piece, which again feels a bit like Nirvana. The number has a catchy arrangement and nice contrasts, and contains some hauntingly beautiful guitar work and arrangements at times.
Sun Day
Sun Day is a nicely textured alternative rocker.
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