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Day 1

Review by Bruce Stringer

L.I.N.T. are, to me, a curious Swedish mix of Voivod and Blink 182. I dig Voivod. I don't dig Blink 182, however I can appreciate their pop sensibilities. But these guys are new and cool. Day 1 is a collection of 11 pop/rock/punk songs that are catchy and fun.

The band produced this album with American production ace Ronan Chris Murphy, who some of you might know from his work with King Crimson. The CD has an interesting graphics direction and some fun pictures of the band in the studio, live and… well, elsewhere.

Day 1 is a great package of short, fun and hard tracks. Stick it on in your car and drive fast!

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2003 Year Book Volume 2 at

Track by Track Review
I Can't Stand Myself
But other people will like you. Fun punk-pop with a sliver of teenage angst this is vocally similar to Voivod and a great little opener to the album, I Can't Stand Myself sets the pace for the band's tight but loose sound. With it's nice little synchronized rhythm guitar work and pop-rock chorus.
Steal Time
A nice subtle intro takes us into some arpeggiation, with a build up and release and dry, dirty guitar solo there is some very nice vocal layering and cool production sound which ends and suddenly we are into track 3. The marriage of L.I.N.T. with Ronan Chris Murphy has paid off giving birth to a quality product.
Yes, I Can See It All
Sounding a little like Incubus, Marten Larsson's vocals are definitely stylized and the band rock out with clarity of performance and without sounding too thrashy.
Fall Forever
Two things that strikes you about this group are that they are energetic and that they write catchy, familiar material without sounding like other acts in the same vein. Fall Forever has many unique little changes in the arrangement highlighted by some echoed clean guitar and some great rock guitar sounds.
I Want You To Hate Me
This would be a great choice for single. With heavy-light dynamics and a really heavy bass end it really hooks you in. Great riffs and guitar bridge section. It is worth buying the CD for this song alone!
Game Over
"It's over now/ Don't waste my time…." This is a moody, tension-filled teenage angst song. Once again, there is some nice interaction between guitar duo Andreas Magnusson and Magnus Sandberg - never overcrowding the mix, these guys know how to play off each other and do it well.
It's nice to hear drummer Peter Limber open up with some tom-tom work and allow the bass and guitars to play rhythm. Thoughtful arrangement and a hint of Rage Against the Machine pitch shift guitar soloing. With nice vocal melodies, you can't help but like the singer's voice.
Turn Around
More great rock with some interesting sounds hidden back in the mix. A false finish and a standout vocal bridge take you into a brief but well-placed drum fill and onto the end of this short, 3:08 tune. Blazing Very 60's-ish in it's novelty intro and rhythm. Then there's a touch of Rush hi-hat work and we're bouncing around in our chorus - direct from a 60's pop-rock song. I particularly like the stop-start, changes in style and the way that each riff is a hook. This song sits alongside I Want You To Hate Me as one of my faves!
Not Scared of Silence
Back to serious territory, this is nice medium paced and radio-friendly rocker. Sounds like the type of song that would be the crowd-pleaser, complete with bouncing audience
Set You Free
Another great vocal tune, this dynamic and punky pop in all the right places. If this was a breakfast cereal monster it would be a Gremlin - all nice and fluffy but would bit your face off if you added water. It's a cool ending track!
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