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Non-Prog CD Reviews

City Boy

It’s Personal

Review by Gary Hill

There was definitely a lot of progressive rock built into the pop music of the late 1970’s and City Boy is a fine example of that. I definitely wouldn’t consider them prog, but some of their songs come close. This is a reissue of one of their vintage albums and it should appeal to fans of band like Prism.

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Track by Track Review
No Ordinary Life

Take a power-pop basis. Add in some sounds not that far removed from the Cars' rocker. You'll find yourself in this territory. Yet, it feels dated, but it's also a cool pop rock tune. I really dig the guitar solo.

Rat Race
Still sounding a bit dated, this rocker is less prog in nature, but no less catchy and classic.
The Blind Leading The Blind
There’s a definite reggae edge to this. I like the cut a lot. It’s less dated than the first two pieces and feels a bit like The Police. There is some tasty saxophone over the top of the arrangement, too. 
Le Guerra De Mondo
A bouncy number, this is quite cool. It’s got a bit of reggae built into it, too, but it’s also the coolest rocker we’ve heard to this point. There are hints of progressive rock laden here and there. It’s catchy and yet unique. 
This rocker is very nearly progressive rock. It’s accessible and still quite meaty. It’s one of the highlights of the set. I like the mid-section with it’s vocals over percussion approach quite a bit. 
It's Personal
The title track is definitely a prog rocker. It’s arguably the best piece on show here. It’s one that sounds less dated than a lot of the others and it’s more complex and dynamic. It rocks out pretty hard, but with a lot of class.
Who Killed Delores
A funky number, this is one that sounds more dated than the majority of the disc. 
Names And Addresses
Another hard rocker, this is a strong cut. It’s another that’s very much in a progressive rock styled motif.
Exit The Heavyweight
Basically a powered up ballad, this is another that’s got a lot of progressive rock in it. It’s catchy and potent and another highlight of the set. There’s a tasty guitar solo on this one.
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