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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Jan Horvath

Never Too Late – The Songs of Jan Horvath

Review by Gary Hill

I’m not sure this fits into the progressive rock category. Certainly the rock portion is in question. That said, a lot of this reminds me of early Kate Bush – and certainly she is generally agreed to fit into prog rock. I can also hear Julie Andrews and Tori Amos – and those two aren’t really prog rock. There are a few songs here I would have no problem laying that classification on, though. So, I’ve put this disc into that category. Overall the music is good, although it tends at times to get a little overly dramatic and theatrical for my ear. Still, it’s quite mellow at the same time.

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Track by Track Review
When I Was a Little Girl...

Piano opens this and serves as the only backdrop for the voals. This is a slice of a carefree lifestyle. It's very much along the lines of old school folk styled music.

Based on a guitar motif, this is more of a pop rock type song with some folk in the mix. It’s got some intriguing changes and textures, though. When it bursts out the energetic and soaring motif later it’s really along the lines of a lot of modern progressive rock.
Barren Field
This little ballad is very gentle and very classical in nature. It reminds me a bit of Renaissance, but also of Kate Bush.
Country Lilt
As the title suggests, this is a country based number. It’s got a definite down home texture and I wouldn’t consider this one as progressive rock at all.
I Am Released
There’s a gospel and also a show tune feeling to this, but it also reminds me quite a bit of Kate Bush. 
This is essentially a Spanish cantina ballad/torch song. 
Give Me Back
There’s quite a bit of a jazz fusion element to this number. It’s got some wailing saxophone. 
I Didn't Know
Horvath gives us a folky acoustic guitar ballad here. It’s not very proggy, but I can make out hints of both Kate Bush and Tori Amos.
Immigrant's Anthem
The first half of this is very much in a show tunes meet classical motif. As it continues, though, the song turns a little jazzy. Although this is a little cheesy at times, it’s also quite powerful and stirring. There are several changes and the arrangement gets quite involved.
Never Too Late
This one is more along the lines of something from Julie Andrews. It’s got some interesting proggy elements in the backdrop, though and is really (listening to the music) a prog ballad type of arrangement.
Lily's Lilt
Almost artsy like early Kate Bush, this is bouncy and gentle. It’s a little too theatrical for my tastes, but it is fun and entertaining.
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