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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Flying Machines

Flying Machines

Review by Gary Hill

Maybe this doesn’t really belong in progressive rock. Sure there is a lot of alternative rock meets pop built into this album. I can hear a lot of Radiohead, too, though. Plus there are other progressive rock leanings. It certainly tries to stretch beyond the box in which it lives. For those reasons I’ve included it in the progressive rock category. All in all, this is an entertaining and quite interesting disc.

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Track by Track Review
Talk About It

This is an intriguing cut. It combines a modern alternative rock sound with some Steve Howe-like guitar soloing. This isn’t the most proggy thing on show, but it’s got its moments. There’s a tasty keyboard break and the faster paced jam later does a great job of combining the two main musical concepts (alternative and prog rock).

On a Whim
Bouncy and tasty, this reminds me of Radiohead meets Queen. It’s got some intriguing layers and changes. I like it a lot. It’s catchy, but still proggy. There are definite Beatles leanings on this, too.
I Can't Stop
A harder rocker that’s quite energized, there is a lot of punk and alternative rock on this, but I’d have to say that to my ear there are also a lot of progressive rock elements here. Sure, it’s more along the lines of Radiohead prog, but it’s time to consider that as a sub-genre of progressive rock, anyway. There’s a cool soaring guitar solo section on this number.
I Don't Remember Why
A mellower cut, this is quite cool. It’s more classic rock meets prog rock and I can make out bits of Jellyfish.
The vocal arrangement on this really steals the show. The song is quite Queen-like, but with a modern alternative rock edge added to the mix. The bridge on this is the most overtly progressive rock oriented portion of the piece, but I hear bits of prog throughout. 
Gina Don't Call Me
Bouncy and catchy, there is perhaps less progressive rock on this than there is on some of the other music here. In fact, I’d probably not put this one in that category at all. 
Here’s another that’s not overly proggy. It’s got a fast paced pop sound to it. 
Video Games
The only real progressive rock on this comes in the little breaks here and there. Otherwise, it’s a hard rocker that’s catchy. 
Hopelessly Alone
There is a lot of progressive rock built into this, due to a large degree on the guitar soloing. It’s still a bouncy track that has a lot of pop music. I’d again compare it somewhat to Radiohead.
Clearing The Boards
This is one of the most purely proggy numbers here. It’s fiery and has a lot of cool instrumental work. I’d say this is my favorite piece on show.
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