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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Tony Carey

I Won't Be Home Tonight

Review by Larry Toering

By the time this CD was released, Tony Carey was only well known for his stint in Rainbow. His work in that band was considered by most as the best keyboard showing for Rainbow.  But what is most important is that Carey, after releasing this album, has gone on to one very prolific solo career. It's nice to see him emerging once again these days. Along with the Planet P records, this is one of his finest hours. This was recorded in 1982. Carey would stay this course until this day for the most part, combining his rock, folk and blues stylings for an AOR heavy sound. This also produced a very strong prog element, as well. In fact, he is considered by most to be a prog artist.

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Track by Track Review
I Won't Be Home Tonight

This is the track that pretty much put Carey on the map as a solo artist. It quickly became obvious that he was a talent to reckon with in his own right. Before Carey put this record out, there were comments from Blackmore that Carey was destined to go on to be a great solo artist. That was proven by this album, and this track in particular.

Running Away From the Thought Of You

Looking back, this is very reminiscent of some tracks on the first Planet P Project disc, as it's a very smooth ballad with a chilling vocal. This is probably up there with some of my favorite Carey work.

I'll Tell The World About Her

The tempo goes way back up here on this playful tune with another fine vocal performance. It's clearly not one of the album’s best tracks, but doesn't fall by the wayside either.

Carry My Love

This is such a lovely tune, as are the rest here, but some of them just stand out more than the others do. Carey is once again all over it vocally, showing his chops off at every turn. This is magnificent!

I Don't Care

This is where the AOR/prog factor seems to be coming on strong. Of course, Carey cites influences such as Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons.

West Coast Summer Nights

Now he goes into full-on AOR mode with this classic number that has been one of my favorites since it was released. This is a track I can listen to over and over and never tire of its outstanding beauty. It’s another absolutely great vocal performance that renders him either your cup of tea or not. He's is my cup of tea, and this is one of the many reasons.


This is another bouncing ball of melody. The tempo remains rather mellow, but that is the strength of the whole disc.


This is based on another winning vibe that never lets up. It is another one of my favorites, as Carey really works it out both musically and vocally.

Something For Nothing

While this is not quite as good as “West Coast Summer Nights,” it’s still up there with my favorites on this fantastic slab of mellow cuts.

Sing Along

Things end by slowing back down to a very soft and easy listening number where Carey takes a fully emotional approach. This is another great ballad in this excellent collection of songs.

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