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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Electrik Emily

Stiletto Rock

Review by Gary Hill

There is a real garage band sound to a lot of this album. Still, there are some almost space rock moments. Truly, though, fans of indie rock and female artists with garage band approaches are the most likely audience here. This isn’t perfect, but is quite strong, once you can get past the somewhat amateur nature of it. Mind you, that can be said about a lot of popular music, so it’s not really a complaint, more just a comment.

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Track by Track Review
Cock Rockers

There’s a real stripped back, alternative rock and roll feeling to this. The thing is, there are also space rock elements. It’s a cool tune and in some ways doesn’t feel that far removed from some of the more stripped back Hawkwind music.

Rain City Queen (If I Can't Love You)
This is more basic hard rocking sound. It’s a bit like something Joan Jett might do.
Going Out!
Here we have a cut that’s even more stripped down. The comparison to Joan Jett is appropriate, but the keyboards add a different dimension, too.
Secret Weapon
I like the hook on this, but overall it’s not that different from some of the other music. That said, there is some cool guitar that solos over the top of this thing. A little of this goes a long way, though, as this just seems to go on a little too long.
Since I'm The Girl
This is a step up tune. It’s got a more alternative rock pop sound and has some of those same Hawkwind-like elements heard on the opening number. This is one of the highlights of the set.
This one’s a bit different. It’s less rock and roll oriented and slower and moodier. It’s intriguing.
Does Anyone Ask?
More rocking, this is very much like a garage band tune in the vein of song we might get from Joan Jett.
Mean Mean Man (Don't Wanna)
This one’s a little rough. The music isn’t that different from the rest of the set, but the garage element seems to make it feel a little off.
My Guitar
I like the keyboards on this song. There’s almost an old time rock and roll element at times here. It’s got some definite punk rock in place, too.
Not 4 $ale
We get some nice keyboard textures on this, but it’s got a real new-wave element, too. There’s a lot of energy here.
Stiletto Rock
The title track is more of the same. It’s got a good groove, but doesn’t really manage to stand out enough to make it a good closing tune.
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