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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Electrik Emily

Radio Active

Review by Gary Hill

With a real indie rock feeling, this EP is a little rough in terms of songwriting, performance and production. That said, that rough around the edges feeling is actually one of the charms of it. In today’s modern era where everything seems to have to be “so perfect,” this disc recalls simpler times when music was more a work in progress. It’s a cool disc, but takes a little mental adjustment for it to get into your head.

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Track by Track Review
Fat Grrrls

Starting with a rather new wave kind of sound, this quickly turns metallic as the guitar joins. There is a real indie rock, garage vibe to this. The best vocals on this are the spoken ones. Sometimes the singing goes off key. I like the roots rock guitar solo. It’s raw and quite tasty.

More Than We See

Keyboards lead this off and it’s got a slightly awkward mellow progressive rock vibe with some hints of alternative rock.

Job Hunting

Here’s a great change of pace. It’s got a real stripped down, old school (ala 1960s) rock and roll vibe, but delivered with some hints of modern music. This is bluesy and very tasty. Although it has some of the same issues in terms of production values, somehow that really adds to this tune. This might be the strongest cut on either of the Electrik Emily discs I’ve heard. It’s worth the price of admission by itself.

I Don't Want To Be (A Rock & Roll Star)

There’s a quirky, stripped down rock sound to this. It’s got a lot of alternative rock in it. It’s tasty, if a little awkward.

You Won't See Me Again

This is more like it. It rocks out hard and yet has a lot of cool layers over the top of it. It’s without question one of the highlights of the set. The tune has both plenty of charm and loads of style.

Fat Grrrls (Instrumental)

Here we get an instrumental version of the opening tune.

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