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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Mimi Page

Breathe Me In

Review by Gary Hill

This might wind up as one of my favorites for the year. Yes, it’s that good. There’s a lot of electronic sound here, but in a lot of ways it’s quite close to the music of Kate Bush. The vocals certainly have a Kate Bush or Tori Amos element to them. No matter what you call this, though, it’s a great disc that really works very well. I’ll be spinning this for years to come. I’m sure of that.

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Track by Track Review
My Vanilla Sky

There’s a great electronic music sound here. This is sort of like a Kate Bush kind of vibe. It’s a good tune. Since "Vanilla Sky" is my all-time favorite movie, I have to wonder if this song has something to do with the film. 

Black Valentine
We get more of a stripped back musical element on the early portions here. Then it works out to more fully realized sounds and this is another great tune. It could be something that might get played in a club due to the rhythmic track at times, but it’s also got a lot of progressive rock element in place. It drops back to a mellower movement with intricate keyboards. I’m reminded a bit of Tori Amos at times here.

Starting tentatively, this cut builds out with a cool bass line driving it. As the vocals join, the only accompaniment is the bass and drums. Bits of piano are heard at the end of the lines of singing. This one really calls to mind Tori Amos quite a bit. There are sections here with more of a house or techno texture, but a lot of this is stripped down.

All I Need

A lot of this is closer to a mainstream pop rock sound, but there are drop backs to stripped down music and we’ve got plenty of progressive rock on display here, too.


This one is a lot mellower. It is basically just piano and voice. It really does call to mind Tori Amos.


The rhythm section leads off here and we get waves of sound laid over the top of that before the vocals join. This is moody, atmospheric, and so cool.

This Fire

I love the echoey kind of vocal delivery here. This is another track that in some ways doesn’t feel far removed from a lot of pop music that might be played in a dance club. Still, there’s a real artistic, progressive rock element here. Parts of this call to mind Art of Noise a bit, too.

The Starving Artist

The backdrop to this is more purely electronic music, but there is also pretty melody over the top. Page’s vocal delivery here really has a soulful power to it.

Come What May

A slow moving, lush arrangement serves as the backdrop for some beautiful vocals. This is very much like a cross between modern progressive rock and electronic music. It’s a wonderful cut that works really well. It’s one of the highlights. Considering the general consistency and strength here, that says a lot.


Atmospheric electronica is the main mode here. This one’s not bad, but seems to pale a bit in comparison to the track that preceded it.


Piano and vocals are the order of business here. This is not only mellower, but it’s also quite pretty.

Breathe Me In
The title track has a lusher arrangement. It’s more of a mainstream pop rock tune. This is good, and probably one of the more accessible tracks. Still, there are enough progressive rock elements here to keep it interesting. I can make out hints of Asian music at times.
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