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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Force Fed Chaos

Kept Beneath

Review by Mike Heitzman

This is a great local band hailing from Rockford, Illinois. I have seen them several times live and have been waiting for them to produce a CD. When seeing them last month I asked the lead singer, "Noise" if he had any and there was only one left. I walked two blocks away for an ATM to get the cash to get it, and I am so glad I did. Their live performance is so intense and makes you want to thrash and mosh. It is one of the best shows in the area and you really need to check them out if you have the chance.

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Track by Track Review
Angeles in My Head

A great dirge for the beginning of this epic album, this showcases the talent of the entire band.
D.M.K. (Death, Murder, Kill)
Another great tune, this has brutal lyrics along with brutal beats.
Addiction Prone
This song starts out slow and then kind of blows up in your face. The dual vocal styles are amazing. This is one of the slower cuts on the CD, though.
Kept Beneath
The title track is a very awesome song. This is one of my favorites, as I have seen them do this live and Noise almost passes out when he does the chorus. He really chokes it out and that is what brings them above other bands in their genre.
Another of my favorites, I could listen to this over and over. In fact, I do just that. Almost every day I find myself queuing up this gem. Mosh meets hardcore here, that is for sure.
Misery’s Existence
There are some extremely hardcore and almost rap influences here. It has good haunting vocals that will really trip you out.
There is a neat acoustic intro, and then this song continues to showcase the band’s guitar skills. This is one of their slow songs, but it is very entrancing.
Holes Like Eyes
You can hear some Soundgarden influences in this track. Then it will surprise you about half way through and there is some moshing going on. This is very unique, and that is another reason I just love this band.
With a Fist
This is my very absolute favorite Force Fed Chaaos song. This one just kicks and is so fun to sing along with when they play it live. “Still standing with a grin” still just gives me a grin every time I hear this song.
Suicide Letter
They have played this song live every time I have seen them. I don’t know the story behind it, but I hear some real emotion scream out every time I hear it.
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