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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Green Violinist

More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings

Review by Gary Hill

While the name may seem strange, this is a powerful album. It’s mostly modern progressive rock. I’d have to say that for me the closest comparison is probably Phideaux. Still, there are differences here and things that aren’t necessarily tight fits into either of those statements. Whatever you call it, though, this is great stuff. Anyone who likes melodic progressive rock should pick this thing up right now. It’s great.

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Track by Track Review
The Great Scapegoat Seeking

Killer prog rock with Eastern tones opens this up as the thing fires out of the gate. There is definitely a space rock vibe, but there are some screamed vocals over the top. Then it shifts direction completely to some mellow and melodic music from there. Sung vocals enter and really bring a lot of class to the piece. This really is quite an impressive melodic modern prog masterpiece. There are some moments where female vocals play counterpart to the male ones.

Velvet Road
This is a mellower, more balladic tune. It’s powerful and has some dark angles to it. It does get more rocking later, but overall is essentially a power ballad.
Shy People
This is perhaps not prog rock at all. That said, it’s essentially a rocker that feels like it would fit nicely in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It’s accessible and really quite a powerhouse.
Do Worry Be Sad
At almost thirteen and a half minutes in length, this is a real epic cut. It starts with acoustic guitar that builds and works through some cool melodies. It builds out to some dramatic progressive rock with some world music in the midst. There are some awesome instrumental passages as this thing builds out from there. By about the five minute mark, it drops to a mellower, almost techno kind of sound and builds up gradually from that point. There are some particularly lush moments later in the number, too.
Human Connection
Slow moving melodic modern progressive rock is in order here. It’s pretty and powerful as it builds out and there is some intricate guitar work. Later the piano work is particularly noteworthy. While the song structure itself remains pretty constant, the song gets different layers and textures over the top to lend a lot of character and power.
Any Words You Say Won't Be Enough
This is fairly short, but is an awesome and lush progressive rocker with space rock and some Europop in the mix. It’s a great tune.
Bad Inheritance (A Song to Cure)
This is powerful, both musically and emotionally. It’s dramatic and theatric. It’s a progressive rock powerhouse that’s rich and lush. This one by itself is worth the price of admission here. I find it amazing that so much is packed into a song that’s less than six and a half minutes in length.
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