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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Ian Danter

Prove You Wrong

Review by Gary Hill

So, apparently Ian Danter is a television personality. One might expect a novelty disc given that background. Well, that’s clearly not what we have here. Instead, this is a hard rocking album that features classy tunes that are very catchy. At times King’s X seems a valid comparison. At other times, Bad Company works. Sometimes the two seem to merge. At other points, it leans on different influences altogether. The thing is, this music is powerful and quite accessible. It’s nothing extremely unique, but it’s very well done and Ian Danter’s vocals are top notch.

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Track by Track Review

After some sound effects, the guitar brings in a sound a bit like a cross between metal and 90125 era Yes. Then it works out to some straightforward metal for the song proper. The vocals are melodic and quite classic.

She's from a Different Solar System

There’s a metal meets hard rock feeling here. In some ways this is the first tune to show off some of those Bad Company links. The chorus, though, is a lot more of a classic rock meets pop hook. This is extremely catchy.

Cloud 9

Imagine a harder rocking Hall and Oates with some Beatles and King’s X in the mix and you’ll be pretty close to the sound of this. It’s a great tune that’s just so darned catchy.

Stronger Than That

This melodic rocker is slow, but also quite powerful. The arrangement is lush, moving towards progressive rock. I’m again reminded of King’s X quite a bit. The vocal delivery (powerful throughout the album) is incredibly strong here.

Prove You Wrong

The title track has some emo in the mix. It also has more of those King’s X links. This is bit different than anything else here, but it still works quite well.


This is one of the highlights of the set. It’s got that same great hard rock meets pop music vibe that we’ve heard throughout the set. It just happens that it gels best here. There is a bit of a Cheap Trick vibe in at least one place.

Stay in My Heart

There’s a real classic rock sound here. It feels a bit like a cross between Journey and Bad Company, but with some more modern elements at play, too. There are some hints of progressive rock in this at times.

Forget About Me

Now, this tune sounds so much like Bad Company that it’s scary. Sure there are some modern elements here, but it wouldn’t be a big stretch of the imagination to think that this is some long lost Bad Company tune.

I'll Drag You Down

Both Bad Company and King’s X make the list of influences on this tune. It’s a killer rocker with great hooks. There is some particularly noteworthy guitar soloing on this one, too.

I Cried Tonight

Soulful acoustic guitar based music serves as the opening here. It’s bluesy and potent. The chorus is more of a modern pop sound. This is definitely “blue eyed soul.” After that first chorus the whole thing gets an AOR overhaul.

I'll Get Around to It

Here we get a harder rocking tune. It’s no less accessible and catchy, though. Both the King’s X and the Bad Company links can be heard here.

Whiskey in a Wine Glass

The chorus hook on this one is particularly catchy. It’s got the general hard rocking classic sound to it otherwise. There is some smoking hot guitar soloing on this one.


Super fast paced, this one is very much like King’s X. It’s a really potent piece of music that works really well. It’s probably the least hook laden thing here, but it is still strong.

Crocodile Tears

This is an accessible AOR rocking ballad. It’s rather proggy in some ways. The vocals are powerful and it has some good musical moments, too. There is some particularly tasty guitar soloing on this beast.

I Wanna Be a Has Been

Hard edged, there’s almost a Guns ‘N Roses ferocity on the opening segment here. The vocal sections, though, are more polished with a hard rocking pop rock sound. There are some spoken bits in this thing. It’s also got some real Beatles meet King’s X moments, too.

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