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Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running

Review by Gary Hill

Punk can be a monolithic musical style. Well, EndAnd have shown that it’s not necessarily the case. Every song here is definitely punk. They create an album of music, though, that’s all quite varied. At times they are raw and aggressive. At times they are melodic. At times they can be pensive. At other points they go straight for the jugular. This is a great slab of punk rock for the modern era. It manages to be fresh and new while still playing homage to different eras of punk rock’s history. And, they do it all in a package that’s just fun to listen to.

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Track by Track Review
At Fault's End

This opens with a cool melodic rock sound. They work through a few measures of that before powering out into some raw and aggressive punk rock. There is a short section mid-track (the whole tune is about two minutes long) that feels a bit like a punk take on Black Sabbath.

There’s almost a start and stop vibe to this smoking hot punk rocker. It’s got lots of energy. This is very much old school punk. It’s also very cool. It’s even shorter than the opening tune.
The Detach

The bass opens this one and they launch out from there into a tasty tune. This is more of a merging of modern progressive rock with old school punk. That said, it’s definitely punk. There are just some bits of flair that aren’t that far removed from some modern prog. It’s another strong song. There’s a cool little noise jam at the end of this.

I'm One of Three

Raw punk rock, this is aggressive and cool. It’s more like hardcore punk than the opening tunes were.

Snow Song

There’s a fairly melodic opening section. That holds it for a time. Then they pound out into a jam that feels to me like a more punk rock oriented version of Jane’s Addiction. It gets pretty crazed and noisy.

I Love You Soon

This is less than a minute long and very much in an old school punk rock type of sound. It’s one of the coolest songs here.

Vessel 01

Imagine modern King Crimson playing hardcore punk. You probably just heard something very much like this. It’s high energy and very cool. In fact, this might be the best track on the whole album.

The Hypocrite Mourns
This starts mellow and rather jazzy. That introduction runs through and stops. It seems like they might blast into more frantic punk. Instead, they run through that introduction, with just a little more oomph added, again. Then we get some hard rocking sounds closer to grunge from there. This is unusual and intriguing.  They take it through a couple more changes with it, at times, leaning towards prog rock.
It's a Miracle Gone

Here is the shortest song on the whole disc. It’s also the most aggressive and hardcore. They don’t hold anything back here.


This is very much an old school hardcore punk tune. It’s got a lot of aggression and raw energy, but also has some twists and turns.


A little bit of German opens this. Then there is a short melodic jam. We get an aggressive jam that makes me think of Suicidal Tendencies after that.

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