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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Dead White and Blue

Mary Jane

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve sort of gone back and forth on whether this album is metal or not. For my money quite a bit of it fits pretty well. Some songs, though, perhaps land more in the punk rock genre. Whatever you call it, though, this is a cool album. It’s raw and earns a lot of parental advisories for the lyrics. But, it’s also got some cool riffs and some good hooks. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s quite strong.

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Track by Track Review

I love the rubbery riff-driven groove on this thing. It’s super heavy and there is a cool brutal metal meets mainstream hard rock feeling to this tune. There are a number of changes in the course of this song. It’s quite a cool piece.

Mary Jane
Somehow this feels like a heavier version of Van Halen to me. A big part of that has to do with the vocals. It’s another great tune. Again, these guys show that they can bring a groove and a catchy hook to a song that’s quite heavy and almost brutal.
Raunch and roll merges with metal and punk on this cool tune.
That same kind of raunchy punk edged rock and roll vibe is heard on this tune.
God Bomb
Here’s one that’s more metal. It’s still get plenty of that stripped back rock and roll sound, though.
Hot Wheels
This powers in a bit like Black Sabbath. It gets sort of a rap metal shift after that, though. The cut seems to carry on by combining those two sounds and more of that raunch and roll element.
Basically a power ballad, the vocals here don’t work as well as they do on the rest of the set. There is definitely a lot of Guns ‘N’ Roses influence here. This is perhaps more punk rock oriented than just about anything else here is.
Suitcase Punk
Metal and punk merge on this killer tune.
Soul Thief
Here we get screaming brutal metal with a real punk rock attitude.
Let the Dead
Somehow this feels like a cross between the hard rock of groups like Buck Cherry and Guns ‘N’ Roses and some metal. I can sort of hear some links to Ozzy Osbourne at times. The bass line on this is great and it’s a cool piece of music.
Burning in Hell
This is a raw rocker. This has some killer melodic guitar soloing later and is one of the coolest tracks here in many ways.
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