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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Love Crushed Velvet


Review by Gary Hill

I really love this EP. I’d like to hear more. These guys have a fresh sound with a lot of range. Yet, it’s also heavily tied to classic sounds. There’s not a weak track here, proving that these guys know how to write great pop rock music. It’s quite mainstream, but also quite cool. This is definitely far from boring or trite.

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Track by Track Review
Revolution Time

There’s a grinding hard rocking sound here. The keyboards lend a nice touch. The vocals bring a different edge to them. This is a classy tune with some great rock and roll and a bluey edge. Space rock and gothic sounds are also heard here.

Bye Bye Baby
This has more of a pure pop rock vibe to it. It’s quite accessible and while it rocks, it’s also got a real melodic edge to it.
Somehow this feels like a Blue Oyster Cult song to me. Now, when I say that, I need to make it clear that if BOC did this it would sound different. But the vocals and the whole construction of the song feel like one of the more melodic BOC rocking sounds to me. This is another great tune on a disc that’s full of great tunes.
Jane, Your Light Won’t Change
A melodic rocker, this is another great tune. It’s got a lot of drama and magic built into it. I’d like to say that this is a highlight, but everything here is so good, that there really isn’t such a thing.
Lover, Leave the Lights On
This one makes me think of Blue Oyster Cult, too. There is, perhaps, a bit of a reggae element here, too, though. As good as everything is here, it’s hard to pick a “best song.” Somehow, I think this would be the one, though. It’s just a little more effective than the rest of the stuff somehow.
One Hundred Days
There’s a bouncy old time rock and roll vibe to this number. It’s got some great moods and sounds to it. As it rocks out more later I’m reminded a bit of Concrete Blonde, but with male vocals.
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