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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Random Touch

Turbulent Flesh LP

Review by Gary Hill

I’ve had this LP sitting around for a while and never reviewed it before. Part of that is the fact that when I got it I didn’t have a turntable. Well, this is an intriguing album. It’s sort of more sonic painting or cinematic than it is really musical. Everything here is made up of percussion instruments. I’m generally not a big fan of drum solos or non-melodic music. Yet somehow this works. It’s compelling and captivating. It’s clearly not for everyone, but it’s cool.

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Track by Track Review
Side A
Who’s Name Is That?
At first quite sparse, as this continues, noisier bits of percussion rise up in the mix. Although in some ways this feels random, a bit like someone banging around a cupboard full of pots and pans, there is almost sort of a method to this madness. It gets very busy and crazed later, too.
Finding the Sun Rise

Although also strictly percussive, this rises up with an almost space rock vibe somehow. This feels rather random later, but it’s quite effective nonetheless.

Just Around the Bend

Again generally percussive, there are some bits that are more liked tuned percussion. It almost sounds like someone pounding on piano strings. This one seems more freeform than the two previous cuts.

Side B
Sudden Intuition
Busy, almost industrial sounding percussion starts this. It is a fairly short piece and doesn’t move far from that initial concept.
By Hand By Foot

This piece feels more freeform and sparse in many ways. There is very much a feeling of someone banging around on this.

Traversing the Now

Seeming more sparse than anything we’ve heard to this point, this feels more like some shuffling around the room than anything else. That said, it’s an intriguing soundscape.

No More Than a Taste

Another that has some parts that feel like stringed instruments being manipulated in some way other than playing them, this is noisy and a bit menacing.

Change Coming Through

Bashing, crashing and stumbling about seems the theme to this rather textural piece.

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