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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mark Lassiter


Review by Gary Hill

This EP is very good. There isn’t a weak song here. There is also a wide range of musical textures in play. Lassiter does a great job. Overall this is along the lines of modern pop rock, but there are a lot of retro elements here. I wish there were more songs included because I’d love to hear more from Lassiter. He seems to be extremely talented.

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Track by Track Review

A mid-tempo organic sounding tune, this has some definite ballad sounds to it. The vocal arrangement is great, but the instrumental arrangement is equally effective. This has a great retro soulful sound, yet it also seems to fit into a modern pop rock motif. All in all, this is a great song that’s quite accessible. It’s fresh yet also familiar.

Endlessly (Remix)
Normally I’m not a big fan of remixes. This one, though, is quite cool. The song is taken into a sort electronic dance meets Kraftwerk sound. That works really well. Sure, much of the vocal performance is the same as the opener, but beyond that they feel like two completely different pieces and show a lot of range. Some bits of the music from the previous version do show up in the mix here and there, but what a difference this is.
Life’s Like That
If possible, this almost feels like a cross between the first two songs. I mean, you’ve got a more electronic and modern sound to this than the opener had. But, it’s still a lot more organic than the remix of “Endlessly” was. This is a fairly slow and mellow song that really has a lot of modern alternative pop rock sound to it. In some ways it makes me think of Ben Folds and that type of thing. Piano is featured prominently and some female vocals add a lot of charm and character. It really does a great job of making the first two very different sounds seem to fit on one release. It sort of creates a middle ground.
You’re My Favorite
While this is more modern in texture, in some ways this feels a lot like the opener. I guess it would be more correct to say that this falls into the same kind of melodic modern pop rock that people like Matchbox Twenty do. However, somehow it seems almost connected to the first song of the EP. It’s a great tune, either way and makes for a classy kind of book end to the set.
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