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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Sloe Gin

A Matter of Time

Review by Gary Hill

I can see why some people might argue with putting this into progressive rock. It certainly has a lot in common with stoner metal and could pretty easily be placed there. The thing is, there is quite a bit of space rock in this. It also has odd timings and the sort of weird shifts and changes found in prog. However you slice it, though, I like this a lot. I love music that combines different genre. I also have a big passion for both stoner metal and space rock. This one is likely to make my “best of the year” list because I like it that much. If you call it “metal” or “prog,” this is a great disc.

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Track by Track Review
Lord of Snowflakes

There’s a somewhat crazed riff driving this. It’s sort of half Black Sabbath and half Hawkwind. The vocals fit in more like stoner metal.

My Dog Is Beautiful
Although that same stoner metal vibe is still present, the shifts and changes and odd little corners of this land it in progressive rock to my ears. It’s weird, but also very tasty.
Spiritual Coma
Drums start things off here. As the other instruments change this takes on a space rock meets stoner metal sound. It’s another cool song on a disc that’s full of them. A more purely progressive rock oriented section shows up mid-track taking us through a couple changes before bringing it back to the song proper.
Dreams in A Jar
The general motif isn’t all that different here, but this is another powerful tune.
The same links are heard on this, but there are parts that are mellower and more melodic. It’s the most different thing we’ve heard to this point.
The Fugitive

Perhaps this one falls more into the stoner metal territory than it does anywhere else. It’s still got a bit of a “left of center” vibe that makes it more proggy.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
In some ways, this makes me think a bit of the band Sleep or perhaps Electric Wizard. There is definitely more of a space rock ethereal quality to this, too.
Bring on the Lion
While those same musical references still work here, this sounds quite a bit like modern King Crimson in some ways to me.
Clouds Floating In A Blue Sky
With one of the most stripped down and unusual arrangements, this is one that fits the easiest into progressive rock. The vocals are spoken and this is different, but also very cool.
Decline and Fall of Progress And Illusions
The bass opens this and the rhythm section serves as the main background as the vocals enter. The cut stays pretty much in that sort of format throughout.
Digital Space Wave
As one might guess, there is a lot of space rock built into this cut. It’s also got a bass line that is quite active and really drives it. It’s the only instrumental in the set.
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