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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Stampede LP

Review by Gary Hill

This double disc set (on colored vinyl) is a reissue of the Stampede album by Krokus. For my money, Krokus has never been the most original band. That said, they have always been quite a good group. Their sound, even though derivative, always works well. These guys rock with the best of them. I really like this set a lot. That said, though, the bonus track could have been left off and it would have been a better album, I think.

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Track by Track Review
Side Four
Rhythm of Love
Combine Kiss with AC/DC. Blend with heavy metal. Add in a crunchy metal guitar solo section in the middle of the song. You’ve got this stomper.
The opening here has a tentative blues rock feeling to it. They launch out from there into a smoking hot furious jam that is quite like Judas Priest. This is a real powerhouse number.
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (Bonus Track)
This is a cover of the BTO song. I have to say, that song was pretty bad to begin with. This version is better than the original rendition. It feels a bit like Sweet meets The Raspberries. Although this is an improvement over the original, it’s the weakest thing here and could have been left off for sure. Of course, it is a bonus track.
Side One
Fast paced metal, this makes me think of Judas Priest a lot. It’s a real screamer that feels like (with different vocals) the mighty Priest could have definitely done this. The chorus, though, is more of a Kiss type sound.
Electric Man
More of a 1980s metal vibe pervades this. That said, this is definitely not hair metal. It’s meatier than that. It’s another killer tune on a disc that is full of them. This is more of a stripped back groove, perhaps closer to AC/DC than to Priest, but it’s no less effective.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsy
Speaking of AC/DC, this one really sounds like that band. In fact, at times I’m reminded of a specific song, “Shoot to Thrill.” Either way, though, this is a killer tune.
Side Three
Good Times
Feeling something like a cross between Quiet Riot and AC/DC, this is another smoking hot tune.
She Drives Me Crazy
This is another track that’s very much like an AC/DC song. It’s a hot rocking number and works really well. In fact, I’d say this shows Krokus doing AC/DC better than AC/DC does AC/DC.
In the Heat of the Night
Basically a power ballad, this is a really awesome tune. At times the vocals make me think of Paul Stanley. This is dramatic, powerful and one of my favorite songs on the set. This is another cut with some proggy elements, particularly when it works out into the Spanish music influenced jam later in the piece.
Side Two
Shotgun Boogie
High energy and fun, this one definitely sounds a lot like AC/DC. It’s a real screamer.
Both the riff and groove driving this thing are awesome. I’m reminded quite a bit of Led Zeppelin on this. There is definitely a bit of a psychedelic vibe to it. This is a pretty diverse and dynamic cut and one of my favorites of the set. There is almost a progressive rock edge to some of this.
Street Love
Take an AC/DC romp and turn it more metallic. You’ve got a good idea of what this sounds like. It’s another strong cut on a disc without weak material (other than the bonus track).
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