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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Le Mur

Silentia Nova LP

Review by Gary Hill

This album is quite cool. First off, it’s a limited edition, colored vinyl record. This is quite interesting stuff. It’s psychedelic progressive rock at its heart, but there’s more here than that. Space rock is a valid observation on the sound. All in all, if you like psychedelic rock and space rock, you should like this. It’s entertaining and very interesting.

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Track by Track Review
Side 1
O.m.e.n. - A Decision of Despair
Slow moving, this combines a bluesy fusion sound with psychedelic rock and some prog to create quite a cool jam. Later they pump up the speed and start to really jam like they are on fire. It’s almost got an early metal vibe to it in some ways.
Technical Progress and other Suicide Stuff
This almost seems to rise up out of the previous cut. Bits of weird keyboard sounds are heard. The vocals come in and this works out to a space rock jam. It’s almost like a combination of Kraftwerk, Hawkwind and Vanilla Fudge. This is quite tasty.
Ghost Track II
I love the jazzy groove on this. It’s prog. It’s psychedelic. It’s fusion. It’s also very cool. The spoken vocal bit is even a little creepy.
Die Nacht der Lemuren (Teil II)
There is sort of a Gregorian chant element to the opening here. The cut moves out to a cool jam from there. It’s got a psychedelic groove that calls to mind The Doors and Iron Butterfly. We’re taken through a series of shifts and changes as this continues. There are some vocals that come across and then the jam turns to a fast paced fusion thing that makes me think of King Crimson quite a bit. There are a number of changes after that. It gets a bit gospel like at times and some space rock ends it.
Side 2
Percussion opens this. The bass rises up and some chanting sort of vocals lend a Hawkwind kind of sound to this. The piece builds out from there into a noisy, echoey kind of psychedelic meets prog sound. This is awesome stuff, if a bit weird. Mid track this powers out into some fast paced harder rocking music. Changes ensue from there and it’s quite fusion-like. There are moments along this road where it turns a bit metallic.
Silentia Nova
Coming in quite mellow, this reminds me a lot of early Hawkwind in these early sections. They take us through quite a few different moods and sounds here. This is a psychedelic rocker with harder rocking and mellower movements. It’s arguably space rock throughout, though. There is a more mainstream jam later, though. This is a very dynamic jam, with different sections emerging here and there.
O.m.e.n. - Creation of a New Silence
The first part of this works out into a pretty straight line sound that’s more mainstream progressive rock than a lot of the stuff here. Then it shifts out a psychedelic stoner rock kind of vibe. Later there’s a prog meets psychedelic jam. Some feedback at the end gives way to a mellower little section to take it to the close.
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